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Moderators on Retro Servers

By DragonmasterLance - SUBSCRIBER - May 07, 2020, 03:10:17

Are there any?
Are there any for specific servers like Algathe?
Or are there none at all?
There is a guild full of bots doing professions,specifically miner and I've been keeping tabs on them for almost a full month now but nothing has happened to them so I'm wondering if there is any way for me to let someone with any influence know so they can be dealt to.

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The Dofus Retro servers are actively monitored for botting and other cheating, and sanctions are applied regularly.

You can find the current moderator for your Dofus Retro server here under the "Rétro" heading. They will be happy to receive your report via Ankabox, in English but just be clear in which accounts you're reporting and for what. If there's any trouble, send me an Ankabox message for follow up.

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Thank you for that Fiora.
Problems unrelated to bot such as racism and other kinds of offensive behaviour are also moderator territory or is that support territory?
It's been a while since I've had problems with people in general let alone bots.

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Seems after the first message I sent to the retro moderators I can no longer send Ankabox messages to moderators.
I just get an automated Ankabox message saying "Message not sent because recipient does not allow people to contact him or her via private message in the Ankabox"

Seems the bug report I sent to support several years ago is back with a vengeance.

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It's possible the moderator you were trying to message temporarily turned their Ankabox off, due to an anticipated period of inactivity. I'm assuming that's where you've encountered the bug. If you're able, do send me an Ankabox message for follow up.

If you're unable to send Ankabox messages to me too, please let me know as mine should be open and functional.

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