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Server not found. Impossible to log in

By Black-Stem#4018 - SUBSCRIBER - May 20, 2020, 20:46:17

I resubscribed recently to join Dofus Retro and I'm unable to access any of the servers. It reports that the server is not found and that it's impossible to log in. I have cleared my cache and also repaired the client to no avail.

I noticed that by changing the port to 443, it lets me access the server selection screen but will switch back to 5555 upon selecting a server. I can also confirm that port 5555 on Dofus 2 and Retro do indeed not work. The odd thing is that neither my router or windows firewall is blocking port 5555. My ISP also claims to not block any ports, but either way, Dofus retro is forcing 5555 even when you select 443.

Does anyone have a fix?

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we are very sorry to hear of your issue, it sounds very specific. Please contact our support team and include some screenshots of the port issue as well as error messages and the missing server selection in your ticket.

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