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Graphical Improvements in Retro

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - July 06, 2020, 17:00:00
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For a while now, the Retro team has been preparing a set of graphical improvements to enhance the clarity of in-game items. Check out what [DUSK] has to say about it.

Hello, everyone!

For those who don't know me, I'm [DUSK]. Since the release of DOFUS Retro, I've worked on anything remotely related to the game's graphic design. Nice to meet you all!

As you discovered when version 1.32 went live, we worked on the appearance of several elements.

The basic idea was to make the game clearer and more vibrant. Thus, Darkli Moon Totems became apparent; certain close-combat attacks were added, and we created distinct sprites for the 3 main categories of soul stones.

To refresh your memory, here's a snapshot of what I'm talking about:

(In order: Soul Stone, Archmonster Soul Stone, and Dungeon Keeper Soul Stone)


The vast majority of you have been happy about this change that is equal parts useful and enjoyable, and so we've decided to continue moving in that direction.

There are many items in DOFUS Retro with the same appearance, which can make trading ambiguous, potentially even risky if you're not paying attention. There should always be clarity when verifying a sale of Elm Wood, or of pets at the Bow Kennel.

To that end, I'm proud and excited to offer you a preview of what will appear in the next major update for the game!


Have you ever been disappointed to realize, while perusing your favorite marketplace, that most of the available scrolls are simply carbon copies? Thankfully, this will soon be a thing of the past, because the majority of these scrolls will be changed one by one.

For example, here's a look at what I can do when given a can of paint to use on the Bow Kennel scrolls:

(The scroll on the left is the reference used for over 20 pets; are you perceptive enough to guess which ones these new scrolls represent?)

In the same vein, have you been mistaken while looking through all your characteristic scrolls and ended up clicking around cluelessly? Now this shouldn't be an issue, as each power level is represented:

Here's a small selection of certain experience scrolls that should be familiar to you:

(The scroll on the left is the reference currently used for all these scrolls.)


Mount Certificates

Here's a topic that is especially important to me. Going through all those certificates can be a drag when you're looking for a specific mount. While this change isn't a real alternative to a more robust search system, it still has the advantage, as with soul stones, of making each certificate clearer.

Enough talk – here's a peek for you:

(The certificate on the left is the reference currently used for over 50 species. It's easy to mix them up!)


Smithmagic Runes:

According to reports from our master smithmagi, it's not always easy to distinguish between the primary runes. Given the nature of these items, it's important to find a solution that is elegant, smart, and above all, relevant. So this is not a final result I'm providing, but rather a few early versions that I encourage you to give suggestions or feedback on.

For those less familiar with this profession, switching base runes in the trade window can be frustrating because the only thing that currently differentiates them is the number of fragments around them.

Although it's equally tricky to anticipate what they'll look like in a player's inventory based on the image, once a direction is settled on, you can play around with hue and other parameters to enhance this distinction.

(This image features four sketches: one with hues of the rune color in bright tones (1); another rune that's darker in order to symbolize the concentration of energy due to the power highlighting the color of the rune (2); one with hues of the rune color in dark tones (3); and finally one where the colors of the rune spill over into the fragments (4).)

Certain Consumables and Resources

  • Naive-Cra: "I'll buy your elm wood!"
    *Naive-Cra launches a trade*
  • Iop-Scammer: "OK, click accept"

And thus, Naive-Cra gets duped by spending a fortune on a pack of bewitched wood. Iop-Scammer is already sipping a glass of Cra tears while reclining by the pool.

If this has ever happened to you, you'll be relieved to know that two new exclusive designs for elm wood and ancestral wood have been created, allowing you to easily tell if a charlatan is after your kamas.

(In order: Bewitched Wood, Ancestral Wood, Elm Wood, and Sack of Elm Wood)

I also want to show you some of the new profession delevelling potions, which I'm sure you'll agree are better suited to their function…

(On the left: the reference currently used for all potions of this type)

As with characteristics scrolls, we reworked smithmagic potions to try to make it easier to distinguish between the 3 power levels of this category. So we have this:

We'll also be working on spell scrolls… but I'm being told that it won't be ready in time for this devblog, so you'll have to wait on that.

So, this may be a lot to process, but the team and I are very excited to get your reactions. This is time-consuming work, but I'm convinced that it will delight Retro fans!

Presenting a Concept for Discussion: A Mount Skin System

As you know, when Retro came out, we promised not to change the content of the game, and we assure you that our stance has remained the same. As you've seen in this devblog, we're still looking for ways to take the old and make it new in order to improve the game and make it more vibrant.

Like you, I grew up with DOFUS, and certain enduring myths always give me the chills and make me smile. So I always feel a deep sense of wonder when I'm tracking the progress of this particular version.

Did there used to be a chest containing 1 million kamas in the cave with the tiles "D-O-F-U-S"?

Did you know that an in-game collectible card game was considered?

Even more nuts, when mounts were being designed, several creatures played this role before the Dragoturkey! During a recent archaeological expedition, I discovered that the Treechnid, the Gobball, and last but not least, the Tabi (a mythical creature if ever there was one), were all, at one time or another, in the running to be your trusty steed.

What if, in some parallel universe, we're all riding around on these creatures? Is it wrong to limit an entire gameplay mechanic to a single appearance?

From that absurd notion, I began this restoration work. First to be able to submit it to the team, and then to the community to ultimately agree on a way to introduce it without interfering with gameplay too much.

So we considered a ceremonial type system for mounts (not unlike harnesses), to be designed exclusively for Retro. This wouldn't affect your mount's stats; it would only change its appearance.

It would actually assume the traits of certain iconic creatures in the game, thereby letting your imagination run wild during character creation, as with pets. For an example worth a thousand words, here's a rough version of what you could expect:

We really believe in the final product, and we'd love to offer this system to you, provided that you're as eager as we are to get around the World of Twelve in a whole new way. We invite you to share your expectations, your opinions, your fears, your excitement, and anything else that comes to mind!


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I've said it before and I say it again. Good job Dusk and good job Ankama. You're doing better and better. Impressive work as always cool!

/Ling, youb

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I have always believed that the small details are what count, and these improvements are the proof of this and that they are on the right track, continue like this ankama and I hope they at least solve mysteries that were left unfinished in retro

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Score : 680

great to see skins for mount being introduced I hope hat and cape skins eventually become a thing to

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Add chameleon mounts, stop adding this stuff that NEVER WAS IN THE GAME.

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Please, Atleast make it optional this time.

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Score : 29

What is this? We want the SAME, right the SAME dofus 1.29 as it was 13 years ago. That's all. As waterfish said, give us at least optional setting so we can choose between the REAL dofus and this shit.

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Score : 7034
Last year's survey suggests the contrary. I know folks who play 1.29 today, and they're certainly not complaining about quality of life changes... They're very specifically only adding cosmetics and making legit changes to the appearances of items in your inventory, because the graphics team of the very distant past was evidently a little bit lazy. I can understand complaining about them doing this to create new revenue streams, but complaining about the existence of desired cosmetic content is a weird hill to die on tbh.
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Love these changes, couldn’t have asked for anything better keep it up dusk.

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Wtf is wrong with this guys above? Explain me please what is wrong with this kind of cosmetic changes? It makes the 1.29 dosens times more fun than it used to be (been playing since 2006).
Great job Ankama! Finally some very positive changes! I would also love to see some more livitinem items.

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Score : 1

Idk lol. If people have a problem, just play on the 1.29 servers and leave the retro servers for us because obviously the retro servers were made to move forward... not stay in 1.29... maybe that's why it's on version 1.32 pensivepensivepensivepensive

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Also it would be cool if we could get the black theme background.

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Planch-Is-A-Noob|2020-07-08 18:36:22
Idk lol. If people have a problem, just play on the 1.29 servers and leave the retro servers for us because obviously the retro servers were made to move forward... not stay in 1.29... maybe that's why it's on version 1.32 pensivepensivepensivepensive

Too bad all these changes are implemented on Eratz and Henual as wel.
I would really like for some people to check servers before claiming it is sepperate, because it is not.
"1.29" and "DOFUS RETRO" on the server tags means nothing, both versions work of the same client, so:V1.32.1.

If it would actually work the way you claim, there wouldn't be a problem for me at all.
But the reality is different.

Thanks for fact checking before posting.
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@waterfish actually that is incorrect the only thing Eratz and Henual have is the remastered pack and the QoL improvements are implemented on both because those are universally requested By everyone. But when it comes to unique things being added the “RETRO” servers will receive those things not the 1.29 severs such as Eratz and Henual the WAKFU funding items for retro are EXCLUSIVE to the retro servers and I’m pretty sure these mount skins will be and upcoming cosmetics. Ankama have already said this Eratz and Henual will not be getting anything new and it will stay stagnant when it comes to new things in the game besides QoL because let’s be realistic here no one would want to play the original 1.29 servers if the game was still a buggy mess with the game not running smoothly as it is now.

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This is great, good work! Now PLEASE give us options for class spell animations. Lots of class spells share animations with other class spells, I'm perfectly happy with it being optional so people don't get upset but I'd like each spell to have it's own unique animation. You guys have done tons of spell animations over the years so I can't imagine this would be that difficult to implement.

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But did you sort out the bots yet?

Frankly, all these icon changes seem rather pointless, but I could tolerate them. The only reason I can't outright reject the weird Tofu mount is because it's already present in the scenery of the game. I'm not convinced about the other mounts, even though I know they were internally considered for 1.0.

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