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By ScaryKush - SUBSCRIBER - August 06, 2020, 15:18:32

Hello, first of all thankyou for reading my Thread and i'm sorry if my english isnt the best!

I'm currently thinking about returning to Dofus Retro, but i've never been a player that plays on multible accounts.

So i was wondering if its possible to play the game as a new player with only 1 account. I'm having to start from 0 btw.

Downloading Retro as i'm writing this.

Thanks in advance for the reply!

- ScaryKush

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Hello! and  good choice on retro it's super fun! i'd like to say its definitely possible to play retro on 1 account if you join Crail come check out my guild i am in called Royalty #1 english guild on server. and say Noobprotector sent me.  that being  said our guild leader is Princess! or you can message Noobprotector to get in contact welcome back to dofus! and happy gaming.

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Perfect timing to come back to be honest Ankama just announced a load of new content that is coming to the game and we’re finally getting the ebony and ivory dofus sos time to get to grinding

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If you are willing to wait a little while a retro monoaccount server is being released on the 30th of September. Everyone will start from zero so might be a little easier to find lower levels to play with but will take far longer to progress in.

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The coming mono server sounds perfect for you!

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