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The return of Grozilla and Grasmera

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - August 07, 2020, 16:00:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

In the mood for some Sauroshell hunting on the Dreggon Peninsula? Starting from the weekly maintenance of August 12 and until the next maintenance on August 19, beat up on Grozilla and Grasmera's progeny and try to wake them up…

This summer, we're offering two exciting hunts in DOFUS Retro! From August 12 to August 19, track Sauroshells on the Dreggon Peninsula. Then, from August 27 until maintenance starts on September 9, take on Grozilla and Grasmera themselves!

To make things more interesting, we're also proposing a little competition between the four DOFUS Retro servers: the more Sauroshells you defeat as a proportion of your server's active population, the sooner the two dragons will appear on your server!

  • The server that finishes firstwill see Grozilla and Grasmera appear on August 19, around 6 p.m. Paris time.
  • Players on the second-place server will be able to fight them starting on August 24.
  • And the third- and fourth-place servers will have to wait until August 27 to take them on.


  • Players who help to wipe out the Sauroshells will receive an Eggshell that can be exchanged for the Grozillamulet (which confers the "Sauroshell Smasher" title).
  • Players who manage to defeat Grozilla and Grasmera will receive an Enormous Fang that can be exchanged for the Scale Shield (which confers the "Terror of the Peninsula" title).

For both of these exchanges, you'll have to see Syn Jorge at [-4,25].

We've taken this opportunity to correct the appearance of the Scale Shield, which we realized was using the appearance of the Trophy Sphincter Cell Shield. After a bit of searching in our archives, and taking inspiration from the in-game description of the Scale Shield, we've now given it the appearance that it should have had all along. So now, besides the honor of carrying it, the shield now gives its bearer an extra touch of style:
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Good morning!

After an intense week of hunting, it's time to add up the numbers! Which server tracked down the largest number of these explosive creatures, and will be the first to awaken the terrible Grozilla and Grasmera? Here's the breakdown:

Having defeated a total of 490 Sauroshells, Henual is the server with the best hunting score relative to its population. For players on this server, the two dragons will be appearing today.

In second place is the Eratz server, with 1078 Sauroshells defeated. Players here can face off against Grozilla and Grasmera starting on August 24.

Finally, Galgarion and Crail came in third and fourth after defeating 1313 and 1373 Sauroshells, respectively. On these two servers, Grozilla and Grasmera will appear on August 27.

Remember, you've got until the weekly maintenance on September 9 to confront them while they're available on your server, for your chance to obtain the Scale Shield!

Enjoy the final days of summer with DOFUS Retro!

Score : 566

What's the population on retro servers? I thought a lot of people play on henual

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