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Mono Servers -- Heavily Split EN community

By XaaXilish - SUBSCRIBER - September 18, 2020, 15:00:24

I gotta say, Ankama, you kind of dropped the ball on this one. It looks like the english speaking community in dofus retro (which has probably less than 1000 players total) is spread out extremely thin between all 6 servers. Why couldn't you point us all to 1 server, and then fill it up from there with French players? 1000 english speakers and 6500 french players for 1 server would be fine, what's not fine is each server has probably less than 100 english speakers and they will probably quit because they are drowned out by a language they don't understand. If you're going to say "just go to the server you want after 15 days", nobody wants to have wasted their first 15 days and nobody is going to skip the first 15 days either. People will stick to the server they got until they get bored because they can't find english speakers anymore, then they will quit. Please at least figure out how to let us transfer characters between servers... otherwise a lot of us will be stranded on servers with no english speakers left.

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It is actually incredibly frustrating to think they could just create an "international" server and who knows maybe that would mean the game actually attracts new english speaking players, but it seems Ankama just wants us to be stuck with google translate, desperately trying to find a server with a relatively active guild. I have picked server 5 for mono, that's because the people from the guild i used to play with have gone down that route, not because there's actually any evidence that's where english speakers are going. But yes, in a mode that heavily relies on people playing together, what do they expect people who can't speak French to do? 
It's bad enough that we're split based on timezones, UK, Australia, America etc... once again we're split at random across French dominated servers.
At least a lot of the french players are kind enough to speak english if you put the effort in with google translate i guess, but if this experience ends up being similar to the standard game, i'll probably get 3 months sub and then never touch dofus again. I'll have got my nostalgia fix and it'll be met with disappointment. 

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