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Bought Ogrines Spent in Shop Did not recieve items

By Sparkles-The-Cuddle-Ninja - SUBSCRIBER - October 14, 2020, 00:42:30

I bought 1k ogrines, after buying it showed I had 0 even though transaction was successful, so I logged out and logged back in to the website.

It then showed I had 1k ogrines, great.

I then purchased 3 shushumi weapons (300 each)

I now have a balance of 100 ogrines according to my account info in the upper right, so it appears the purchases went through.

I have not received the weapons despite logging in and out of Dofus Retro multiple times on this account. I've bought other shushumi weapons and pets and did not have this problem before. Please fix it or direct me to how I go about that.

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Please mind it can take up to an hour until all items of a purchase are delivered. If you are still missing your items, please contact our Support Team.

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I filed a ticket last night, I am waiting for a response, I still have not received my items.

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