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Al Howin Is Coming to DOFUS Retro!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - October 16, 2020, 17:00:00
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Every year, for a few days before Octolliard 31, the Al Howin curse strikes the World of Twelve. It turns usually peaceful Tofus and Gobballs into frightful creatures. Beware: The curse is contagious, even to adventurers!

In the run-up to Octolliard 31, the World of Twelve's Gobballs and Tofus all turn into fearsome Al Howin Gobballs and Tofus! Once transformed, they become highly aggressive, attacking passers-by without warning!
Since they're contagious, any unfortunate souls who fight them undergo the same transformation themselves…

Luckily, there's an item of headgear with unique properties that makes adventurers immune to the curse. This headgear is no other than the "Pumpkwin Head", which you'll find on Al Howin Tofus and Gobballs. Adventurers must therefore expose themselves to the curse at least once if they want to guard against it later on. Simply having one in your inventory is enough to protect you.

This year, the curse is returning to DOFUS Retro! It will strike the World of Twelve from Wednesday, October 21 through Wednesday, November 4. Al Howin's revenge will be dreadful indeed!
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long long the world of twelve

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In short a useless and annoying event. Cool.

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Friend of mine was trapped in royal gob dungeon getting owned by level 80 damage Sadis. I appreciate the thought, but doing gob dj atm is already horrible because of auto clickers and servers being packed.

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Glad there's still events going on in Dofus Retro! biggrin I'd also love to see some sort of update to the Al Howin event biggrin

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Horrible idea to put inside the Gob Dungeon. So many players get stuck inside the dungeon. Annoying

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