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What Retro servers have the largest English speaking community?

By captain-baker - SUBSCRIBER - November 22, 2020, 11:09:32

Hi all. I'm seriously thinking of playing again after seven years abscence, (since and of 2013), but coming back on the Retro servers as tey offer the closest game experience to the old original version 2.0 that I loved back in 2010/11/12.

My question is, what Retro server(s) have the largest English speaking comminity?

Thank you. smile

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No idea, but Mono X, has 1 large english speaking guild and several other english speaking guilds.

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The English community on Mono X is incredibly toxic and selfish.
Also,the prime activities are Jelly Farming,Smith Dungeon spamming and Royal Gobball dungeon.
If you are looking for the closest feeling to the original opening of 2.0/1.29 you had better invent a time machine because you won't find it on todays Dofus.
Crail has somewhat of a decent english community,but it also has a rampant bot problem,resource camping and constant perceptor harassment by people with teams consisting of fully Exotic Maged gear.
That and everyone is far ahead of new players so unless you find a really nice guild you will have no one to do anything with.

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can always come join crail we have an english speaking guild there called royalty. decent and helpful guild

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Thanks for the replies so far, jp1985; I forgot to mention I want to start on a "normal" server not a mono server thanks. smile

Yeh, I am aware the "golden time" I had back then is long gone but I would love to give the game I loved so much another chance. I absolutely hate the way Dofus is in its current guise, it's not even the same game I knew back then! So it's the retro servers.

Any more suggestions or is it a "bot ridden" Crail? Thanks.....

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I'm also on Crail in Royalty,feel happy to join....many Guild Events,and happy peeps in general tongue

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