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New AP dofus for retro

By Youlovemesomuchpride#3329 - SUBSCRIBER - June 21, 2022, 19:22:48

Since the top players are 16 AP that cant be defeated by mere mortals as myself, I had an idea... what if dofus retro got a new update endgame area with a new drop dofus, a fake AP dofus in a way, with restriction that it cant be equiped if player has more than 10 or 11 or 12 AP (could be random the requirements, so dropping one that allows 12 AP max would sell for more kamas/be more valuable than one that allows max 10 or 11 AP).

This wouldnt disrupt gameplay at all. Would only give a little chance for not rich players to get 1 extra AP for sets (like bworker) that full double set is 9 AP. And wouldnt be unbalanced at all to achieve 10 AP with this new "fake" AP dofus since most top players are all rocking 16 AP.

This would also motivate many players to not quit the game as it feels kinda overwhelming the difference in power between full exo players vs no exo players.

And dont worry 16 AP players would still beat non exo players super easily 1 x 1 

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