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Retro heroic server.

By smiskaans#2417 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 05, 2023, 15:35:16
Hello everyone,
I would like to address a topic that has likely been discussed numerous times before, but I believe it is worth bringing up again.

Those of you who follow Online Gaming on Twitch may have noticed a significant surge in popularity coming from World of Warcraft, particularly its heroic version. It appears that many former players are returning to experience the thrill of instant death once again.

DOFUS, too, had a similar experience with their heroic servers. On version 1.29, Oto-Mustam emerged as the most popular server in the entire game. Although its popularity dwindled with the introduction of version 2.0, the heroic experience on 1.29 remained exceptionally rewarding.

I would like to initiate a discussion and request Ankama's attention to consider the possibility of reintroducing a heroic server. Given the success of the retro version, perhaps it is time to explore the potential of a heroic experience as well.
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It is not currently in our plans to implement a new Heroic server after the closure of the previous ones.
However, I will make sure to pass on your feedback to the game team so they know that there are players who are still interested in this game mode!

You can find the article explaining our reasoning regarding the closure of the heroic servers here.

Thank you for your understanding and have a great day!
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Thank you very much for the feedback. 
I know for a fact that there are quite a few players longing for heroic thrills. 

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