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Trick or Treat! (Costume Contest & Scavenger Hunt)

By fairygoddess - SUBSCRIBER - October 25, 2017, 18:10:16

Happy Halloween Echo, and welcome to the “Trick or Treat” costume contest and scavenger hunt thread!

Trick or Treat is a server-wide event that is open to everyone - looking forward to seeing some new and some returning faces! You may enter the costume contest any time between now and the beginning of the scavenger hunt which will take place this Sunday the 29th beginning at 21:00 Dofus time. You can find the rules below and check out what prizes we have up for grabs!
Tldr;; post a screen of yourself on imps for the costume contest, be online at 21:00 DST this Sunday the 29th and turn on /c for the scavenger hunt:

We have five prizes of 2mk up for grabs in our costume contest! To enter, simply post a screenshot of your character here on imps. You may enter the costume contest any time between now and the beginning of the scavenger hunt (Sunday the 29th at 21:00 DST). Winners will be decided by a panel of judges in our voice chat - feel free to join us when we go live on stream and help us decide who should win! One entry per player. Be sure to participate in the Al Hawin Costume Contest hosted by Ankama as well! 

Scariest costume
Cutest costume
Funniest costume
Most unique costume
Fan favorite (most likes on imps)

We have 20mk plus a ton of cool items up for grabs in the scavenger hunt! How do you enter? Just log on at 21:00 on Sunday the 29th and turn on your /c chat. You must be wearing a costume to be eligible to receive a prize! Costumes do not have to be expensive! Pm me in game if you can’t afford one, we’ll find you something. I’ll be posting random tasks and clues in the community chat and will be handing out between 100kk-1mk per task (or an item). The tasks are a secret, but here are a few things you can do now to prepare yourselves for the scavenger hunt!

Get a costume!
Amakna village zaap
Astrub zaap
Bonta zaap
Brak zaap
Many (but not all) of the tasks will require p2p to access the areas

Answering riddles
Finding other players who are hiding
Retrieving secret items
Being a fun participant (:

Current prize pool
30mk + various items. Check out imps for the full list!
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