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Guild: Black Hand

By Feeltheforce#2816 - SUBSCRIBER - December 03, 2017, 09:57:57

Care too much about achievement score? Forgot this is a game and how to have fun? Think dofus is srs bizness? Then don't join 'Black Hand' cause you're obviously way too cool for us. However if you are laid back and friendly you'll fit right in.

Who are we?
We are a group of players on Echo who wish to create a guild with the hypothesis of having an active PvP participation whilst still retaining a noble and respectful reputation to others. Together we have a vast experience of the game both in PvP and PvM so we are able to give advice as required. 

Some Rules if you wish to join:
- Black Hand will not accept any members who have been proven to have scammed someone in their playing history.
- Guild members must ask one another before attacking each other, if done so by accident, you will be asked to leave the fight, or face being removed from the guild.
- Members may only place 2 perceptor's out at a time due to the limited number of perceptors within the guild. Please note that Perc rights are only given at 5m XP donation to the guild.
- Respect is key, if you do not respect other members within the guild you will be removed without hesitation.
- Most importantly, in Black Hand we are all equal; there is no hierarchy, so all members will be punished when stepping out of line, both fairly and equally.

Interested in joining, or perhaps looking to make an enquiry?
No problem! Either contact Persona, Chlouce, Faelon or Valentinka ingame or if easier, leave a message on Persona's ankabox and we will get back to you.

Oh we got a fancier version of this if you click here with some more visuals.
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