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[Guild] Ultraviolet - Open to New, Returning, and Casual Players

By Chiever - SUBSCRIBER - March 06, 2018, 08:47:22

Hello, everyone,

Ultraviolet is currently looking for new members. We are looking for friendly, fun players looking for a relaxed and chilled home for their main or their alt characters. We are specialists in helping returning players back into gameplay following short and long breaks, and in supporting new players.

What sets Ultraviolet apart is that most of us cannot play 24/7, so we are totally casual. We don't push commitments, targets, or obligations--just the freedom to play and have fun your own way. biggrin

What we expect of you:

  • Play when you can
  • Have as much fun as you can
  • Stay frosty and be considerate
  • Use English in Guild so we can all chat
  • Feel free to join guild activities when you can

What we don't expect:
  • You to be active 24/7
  • You to be a certain level - we're happy if you are a level 1 alt or a level 200 main
  • You to be 'pay to play' (P2P) - free to play players are welcome
  • You to be from a certain time-zone - most of us are from Europe, but we're looking for more global members - help us do that!

Join us today! Contact one of the following people in-game for an invite:

Chievera (Leader) // Leiliana // Ombriel // Mad-Madame-Mim // Boadicea // Lill-Nick // Alternate // Qika // Miiw // Masive-Terminator // Han-Yolo // Kittyvamp // Xal // Meret // Hugs-McLadybugs

And I forgot to mention we have a Discord Server for our players!


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If you are new (like me), I would definitely recommend Ultraviolet as a very welcoming and fun guild.

Chie and the others are great and have been super helpful gettgin me up to speed.

Highly recommended biggrin

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I can recommend this guild to anyone who wants a good guild leader and a chill environment, Chiev is one of the nicest people you'll find on here smile

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Thank you, Tsih! And right back at you!

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Hello Chievera!

After some trouble trying to gather all my old account details I finally got a hold of everything and hoping to make a come back - Not sure if you remember me but I used to be in Order of the silver twilight with my main Akirashan (Masq) and did xp grinds together with you and some guildies quite frequently until we all kinda took a break from the game.

Suddenly had the urge to check out dofus again and to my surprise the first few folks that came to mind were playing again on the new merged server.

I wanna take it slow because I haven't touched dofus in almost 2 years now but would love to join Ultraviolet and reunite with old folks / meet new members and maybe explore together smile


Highly recommend this guild to anyone starting fresh, a returning player or someone just looking for a fresh start in a new guild - Everyone's pretty layed back, fun to talk to and very helpful!
Been here for about a week and nothing has changed since the order of the silver twilight days on Rosal about 2 years ago biggrin

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Great having you in the guild, Ari. And your alts! Thanks for the recommendation here.

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Guild is nice and active, but for me the most important thing is how helpful and engaged people are.

I'd recommend it to anyone, but especially to new or returning players.

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