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Letter to Ankama: The State of the Echo Server

By Setmeonfire - SUBSCRIBER - March 25, 2019, 10:58:43

Letter to Ankama: The State of the Echo Server                                                                 March 25 2019

The following are from conversations had by players in the Echo server. our community came together for the first time in a long time tonight to discuss issues that truly matter to us, chiefly being the state and future of the Echo server.

(Recruitment) Nocturnist: Tell Ankama this: We are dissatisfied with the state of this server. The community is dead/dying and it needs to be revived before it gets worse. We love this game and don't want to see that happen. We need more English players

(Recruitment) Trainie: So, what did we conclude? might as well start writing in a document.

(Recruitment) Jnx: server dead + we need more players(Recruitment)

Xynonym: Everyone should just write their own letters or whatever in their own words. Tell them the community was actually active tonight in discussing something that matters. With multiple people writing, It'll show the scope of things.

(Recruitment) Traversed: expand the free to play area so they arent so restricted and it might entice them to sub

On this day, we spoke about the many issues that were bothering us about the current state of the Echo server. The conversations were initiated by the frequent spamming of % off buyers in the trade chat. One person pointed out that % off buyers are what is ruining the economy, and others stated that the lack of players was another reason.

What we mean by ruined economy is the constant change of prices, usually a reduction in price, of certain high level items that people worked very hard to get. The following situation is what we discussed may be happening in our server: Because there are such few players, items do not sell quickly in the market, people grow impatient and are willing to sell their items/resources to a % off buyer, this % off buyer then fluctuates the prices of the market to their will and we believe this is causing large shifts in market prices of items, often leading to people losing massive amounts of kamas.

This loss of kamas leads to frustration, and players contemplate quitting because they put so much effort into their gear/resources/etc only for it to be changed so drastically in a short period of time.

Another issue is that because of a lack of player base, many characters have resorted to leeching services so that they may pay their way to end game. No one is interested in actually playing and interacting with each other. The leechers will continue to do this because they feel this is the only way to actually progress in the game, and the people providing the leeching service will continue because that is how they make kamas.

Many people have also brought up that they don’t feel like it is worth playing on this server because it is too difficult to make kamas starting off as a new character.

We have thought of several potential solutions to this issue. Please consider the following:

1. Advertising for English speakers – Please make more advertisements on TV/Youtube/Facebook/Anywhere where people are likely to see Dofus and try it out. We need more people to see just how amazing this game is, and hopefully draw them in to play. I feel like most of the people playing now are driven by nostalgia/rooted to the game from prior experiences during Dofus 1.29. We need to make an environment in this server that allows fresh, new players to be able to not only have fun by having other players to interact with but also support them by creating an economy where they can make kamas in a decent manner (so that it feels like they are progressing, and not at a snail’s pace).

2. Group finder/Team finder – I believe it would be a good idea to start up the group finder/dungeon finder system again, with the limited amount of players as it stands, we need some way of showing mutual interest in activities that will allow player interaction. As a way to make kamas, perhaps there can be a bonus to completing a dungeon using the team finder as compared to a player using his own team. This would encourage both player interaction and a way to make kamas for low levels too.

3. As suggested above, if we expand the free to play area, more players will be inclined to subscribe to the game because they will experience more of Dofus and feel more invested.

4. Server merge – Multiple players suggested merging our server with another in order to increase the population size.

5. Limit the amount of multiple accounts to two, it is blatantly obvious that players find the mono-account servers very appealing (Echo has 28k player base, Ilyzaelle has 130k) – the fact that Echo allows multi-accounting to almost no end would make players from other servers run from Echo as fast as they can. Multi-accounting leads to one person over-farming resources and ruining the economy as well, I am sure you have already seen the many posts about the problems with multi-accounting.

Ilyzaelle literally has 100,000 more players, and that number is rising, meanwhile the number of players for the Echo server is slowly falling.

Another player from the discussion we had on Echo posted a similar discussion on the Dofus subreddit, for those of you who would like to look at that. Here is the link:

Thank you, and I hope you take our issue seriously and consider some of the solutions above, in addition to your own potential solutions.

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You forgot to ask them to make Xelors useful in PvM cool

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As a multi accounter myself with 5 200's I don't agree with the limit being 2, that is going to create a huge issue of players selling huge amounts of gear since they no longer can use a full 8 team or w/e.
I think it would be smarter instead to make multi accounting useless. For instance: A player has a main and 3 alts when completing achievements the alts receive no loot or reduced loot and a penalty on xp as well.

Just an idea but I'm sure others can make up a better idea. I agree leeching is a major problem these days and its finally about to be nerfed heavily with the upcoming update. But I do think the star system needs to be changed and challenges should be revamped so that only those who actually survived or completed the challenge get the extra xp/drop boost.

As for server merging, my personal opinion is that Ilyzaelle should be merged with echo.
Too many players are on Ilyzaelle right now and most came from echo. After fixing the multi accounting issues on Echo I think most would be ok with a merge.

Percent off buyers have been in my opinion a disease on echo. I do a little percent off buying myself at times because its so profitable, but I know its ruining the markets. A have a few friends who went from 1 bil kamas to like barely 300m because the value just continues to drop. Especially exos have taken a major hit as of late. I bought a perfect ap bear with perfect stats 12 dmg 5 lock 399 initiative the works for 31m, now I can't even sell it for 25m. I do think that perhaps its time to better manage prices in markets. Especially exos and higher value items.

The group finder was a great addition but I believe they removed it because not enough people used it so adding benefits to using it would be a great idea. I doubt they'll give direct kama rewards but maybe better drop rate boost/xp boost could work along with maybe a few levels of titles from using it a certain # of times.

Advertising has been a sore spot for me because I rarely ever see any Ankama ads and ill see wakfu but not dofus?? Kinda upset me considering how popular Dofus is. So I agree with your sentiments there.

I'm very happy they are starting to listen to us and take our opinions to heart so thats a step in the right direction. I look at games like Old school runescape and hope they'll follow Jagex's path with the polls the community involvement with weekly streams and such. -Aerafal

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The entire point of Ily is to be a single-account server. That's why I went to it and it's why many others went to it. There's no way merging it with a multi-accounting server, especially if multi-accounting is still allowed, would be acceptable. That would defeat the entire purpose. (It wasn't really clear to me whether you believe multiaccounting should still be a thing after the merge, but certainly there'd be an imbalance of the economy due to resources/gear/dofus generated by multi-accounters).

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While I can see how multi-accounting is a problem in Echo, I think the reason why Illy can exist is because multi-accounters can survive on Echo. I multi-account with 5 accounts, but that's so I can play more characters and thus have more gaming experience (considering I have less time to party search than I used to). I think if there was a 1-2 acct limit on Echo, many would quit and the market would get even worse OR simply people would find a way around the acct limits and just break the rules. I mean, kama sellers were much more of a problem before ogrines. 

I think the right idea here is to advertise the mono-account server (set it as a default for STEAM and push Dofus there more) and maybe add a mono-account server. Classic servers should always be available, but I agree that perhaps Ankama would be best suited in pushing the mono-servers more if they are truly that successful. This way there's more opportunities for balanced gameplay, but people who enjoy multi-accounting aren't forgotten about either.

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I have to disagree with you. I don't think anyone multi accounts because its fun or enjoyable. Personally I find it a necessity for achievements but I hate it otherwise for anything else. The success of Illyzaele is good reason to merge because Echo at this rate will die then everyone who hasn't moved will have no choice but to do so.

While yes its unfortunate that multi may have to go, you can still create multiple characters on one account and enjoy different classes to the full.
Now that I think about it Echo being mono might be the best for the English community.

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I agree heavily on the outside recruiting and advertising for Dofus. I stumbled upon Dofus 10+ years ago while I was derping around in miniclip.... At the point I only wondered around Incra. And it was where if you would leave for Astrub you couldn’t come back (Yes, way back when) and that was enough to pull me in!

Many do not have cable and rely on Netflix/Hulu/Streaming and of course there is YouTube and maybe miniclip again. I believe Ankama should focus more on advertising to the English community!

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You could turn back smile If you were below level 25 I believe.

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AetherForce|2019-03-26 06:59:41
I have to disagree with you. I don't think anyone multi accounts because its fun or enjoyable. Personally I find it a necessity for achievements but I hate it otherwise for anything else. The success of Illyzaele is good reason to merge because Echo at this rate will die then everyone who hasn't moved will have no choice but to do so.

While yes its unfortunate that multi may have to go, you can still create multiple characters on one account and enjoy different classes to the full.
Now that I think about it Echo being mono might be the best for the English community.

You are always free to disagree with me, however, I did state that I personally enjoy multi accounting not for necessity, but because I just enjoy it. I can set up my own combos and fully strategies my own fights. You may find it as an unfun necesity and I agree that you're not alone, however, I don't think I am either.
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Is it making players stop playing with others?
Is it the only thing allowing players to complete anything at a consistent pace?

The game is getting harder that relying on other players is not a good idea.
It is hard to find other players who have the same goal as you.
It is hard to find another player who have the same playing time as you.
It is hard to find another player who is good enough to play with on hard contents.
It is hard to find another player who can be trusted or do not have bad attitude.
It is hard to stay awake as you wait for 7 other player to finish their turn so that you can play your own 1 minute turn.
It is hard to play with others from different part of the world when I (or them) are lagging as hell.

The only way to have an consistent 2-3+ hour of play is to have your own team of accounts.

So playing with multi-account is viewed as being a negative way of playing?.... Does it have to be viewed negatively? Is Final Fantasy Tactics a bad game because players do not play with others? Why does an online game have to be played with others to be considered as good? Why can't solo players enjoy playing with his own team on an online game that will get constant update? I think Waven will allow players to use his own team. I still believe in the virtue of giving each type of player a choice. Pro-choice... Let solo players play by themselves, with their own team, and those who like to play with others play with others who also wants that way of playing. Why should I (soloist player) be forced to play with foul-mouthed, brb/afke'rs and self-righteous smugs in order to complete hard content?

I still think that multi-accounting is not the disease that is killing dofus... It is the clutch that is keeping the game alive. Yes, a clutch is not a good thing because it prolongs the return to normalcy... but I'd rather keep limping for a long time than die from stasis.

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I don't understand your argument. How is Ilyzaelle server doing so unbelievably well if multi-accounting is such a requirement? We have no problem getting hard achievements on it. In fact, I find the game significantly easier playing with one account on Ily compared to how it was on Echo because it's much easier to get the right classes for the job. 

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Multi-accounting isn't the problem. Single players not helping each other is.

I get asked so many times to help others (which I do, even though I have my own team). Yet, they never seem to help each other. 

Why don't all the single players start working together instead of moaning about multi-accounters being the issue.

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1. There are advertisements, on Facebook, Youtube, and web pages, I've seen one today actually. I still think they should advertise on sites that stream Anime, since the art style would be instantly appealing. 

2. This feature was removed because it was never used, not even on release. It was never a problem with the population since it obviously failed on French servers too.

3. I agree that allowing people to access the regions of Amakna, maybe even Treechnid Forest and Porco Territory could help new players stick around a little longer.

4. I would love to see us merge with a French server, although it is unlikely this will ever happen, maybe one of the Spanish/Portuguese servers might be a possibility though.

5. If Ankama implement this they might as well shut down Echo. The economy would die within weeks, since the markets are already very low in supply, and multi-accounters such as myself are the ones who keep high-end equipment stocked daily.

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Ankama/Dofus more than likely uses cookies and that’s why you’re seeing those ads on webpages and Facebook. That will not occur for people who have never searched or googled Dofus. I personally still have never seen any advertising and friends and family know I play and have never mentioned it either.

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The French servers are much more populated than all other community servers, and I don't think French players are necessarily bigger fans of the tactical MMO genre than players in other countries. So the simplest explanation is that the game is far under-advertised outside of France, but this is probably not something that can easily change.

Rather than merging Echo with another server, I would rather it be transformed to a truly international server. Set up language specific /r and /b chats, and allow players to change their default channel language. Allow characters from any community to transfer to Echo, and offer free transfers for a limited time.

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It could be due to nationalistic pride rather than advertisement or preference to tactics game. One game in my country has tons of player from my country and very little international players even though they equally advertise worldwide. French players prefer their own product while non-French would rather play other game that are mostly non-tactics game. 

I've been playing videogames for 20+ years and have befriended atleast 1k+ gaming friends in real life. Guess how many of them prefer tactics games? Besides me, there are only 2 other friend who prefer to play tactics game and those two have already stopped playing tactics game in favor of mobile games.

Yes, advertisement do play a big role in enticing french players to play dofus, but those advertisements cannot be done worldwide. Why? Because Ankama conduct actual real life events to advertise their game to the french. They cannot do that on a global wide scale. They are just not big enough to do that globally. So no... A big NO... I don't think Ankama can get more players to play Dofus by simple online or TV advertisement. To reach Frenchlike acceptance they would have to advertise the same way that they advertise in France with real live events and actual offices on every country all over the world. Maybe in an ideal or fantasy world that would be possible for Ankama to do, otherwise... NO.

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I don't think Dofus is a stressful game by default. Moreso the pressure of wanting to be #1 pushes people to grind like crazy and set long almost unobtainable goals in short term.
The game can be played as you wish and as long as you're having fun who cares?
If more people adopted this attitude the game would be much less toxic.

As someone above mentioned, players helping each other would be more common if they were encouraged to do so. Mentor systems with special ceremonials/ornaments/titles would be huge in reaching that goal. People will help others if there is advantages in doing so.
Right now on Ilyzaele players are FORCED to help each other because they can't do anything end game solo. As far as I'm concerned Echo is bleeding players because people are playing more on Ilyzaele and enjoy it more. Echo should be the main server. If mono servers can do so well why not remove multi accounting in the interest of making the game the way it should be: ALIVE.

Multi accounters whine about people saying they are the reason the game is dying, but maybe its not the main reason, but one of many? If everyone plays by themselves the game will feel dead.
Community needs to be alive and communication thriving. After all this is an MMORPG Massively  Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game. Not a MSORPG Massively Singleplayer Online Role-playing Game.

Just look at how MMORPG is defined: massively multiplayer online role-playing game: any story-driven online video game in which a player, taking on the persona of a character in a virtual or fantasy world, interacts with a large number of other players.

As far as I know most reflect back on the early days of Dofus with fondness because everyone helped each other/interacted with each other. If the game returns to that stage, won't many be drawn to the game as a result?
Advertisements are certainly needed but how many ads actually made you play a game?
Was it not the game itself? The game must draw people for it to live on. Right now I think Ankama realizes the seriousness of the issues going on and wants our input to help fix it.

Maybe a sacrifice in personal comfort (running 4-8 man teams) needs to be made.
I don't mind only having 2 accounts just as long as class changing was made cheaper or free.

TLDR: Make Dofus Great Again...


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People with 4-8 accounts are not the problem. Playing 8 characters myself and knowing quite a few people with a good number of accounts, I can certainly tell you, that we jump at an opportunity to help someone, and ditch one of our chars. As long as the person you're helping is not obnoxious, or doesn't start feeling like he owns you, to do stuff for him, it's not unusual for multi-accounters to help solo players. As for interaction between multi-account players, we team up a fair bit, form teams to run random stuff and just have fun. If I was forced to play solo again, I'd rather not play at all. Having opportunity to do stuff alone, when there is no one else, that you'd like to team up with, is crucial.

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But I know many people that run 4-8 teams myself, most won't invite others because people fail achieves or challenges. I would say not every multi accounter is like this but it certainly is a majority.
Just look at people begging players to help them through a dungeon in /r.

I don't run 5 accs just to ask another guy to join with his 3. You are being pretentious. Most people will not be bothered running 8 loot if they can help it. Which is why if you have a 4 team (like me) you will do everything solo. I'll help a random person here or there but its not like I NEED them to do anything.

This is the main issue. Most people who need help or want to run something may not be skilled or have the best gear. So they notice your 4-8 team with all exos/resists overs etc and they just give up.
A lot people have told me they saw a guy with an 8 team with fully maximized chars and just couldn't be bothered to keep playing. The few that continued to play soon realize how expensive it is to make their own team and give up. And finally the 5-10% that will not mind grinding will make a 4-8 team thus continuing the cycle.

The next thing that I think merits multi being limited to 2 chars is the fact that people can farm boss resources way too easy now. People have like 700 ilyzaele feathers or vortex wings sitting in merchants. Its crazy how much resources have dropped to because of this abuse.
In my opinion Ankama took a step in the right direction restricting achieve rewards to only 1 char on the account. The next step should be to limit alt achieve rewards. Or change how much achieves give of boss resources.

Some multi accounters will leave, so what? If you play this game because you like it not because of multi, you will stay. These changes need to happen or multi accounters and single players won't have a game to play...

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AetherForce|2019-04-04 23:03:40
Just look at how MMORPG is defined: massively multiplayer online role-playing game: any story-driven online video game in which a player, taking on the persona of a character in a virtual or fantasy world, interacts with a large number of other players.

No. "Interact" is not the right word. Interaction is not necessary in an MMORPG ("There is no I in team MMORPG). The right description is actually "participate simultaneously". If you want to be more technical, "Massive" means thousands, "Multi-player" means different individuals/players playing "Online". That means that thousands of players can play at the same time on the same game world.  Interaction is not mandatory. And "Interaction" is also not just about playing actively alongside/against another player. Interaction could be passive in nature, like buying/selling items from other players thru market or merchant mode, or chatting. Take Clash of Clans for example, players do not actively fight face-to-face in real-time yet it is a massively multiplayer online game. 

AetherForce|2019-04-05 17:52:22
Some multi accounters will leave, so what? If you play this game because you like it not because of multi, you will stay. These changes need to happen or multi accounters and single players won't have a game to play...

Why would you even want "some" MA to leave? The best way to increase the population is to give everyone the option that they want.

So there are those who wants to play with others.... Why can't they play with others on Echo? Because it is necessary to "force" other to play with others by restricting MA'ing? OK fine, you can play on mono-account server all you want (alongside others who are forced to play with you), but don't force those who prefer MA'ing to "solo-account or leave". That is not the right way to increase players population.
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You are disagreeing over semantics gunner. The word interact is both passive and active. Therefore why do players play on an online game only to make friends? Why have friendslists?

As for MA being necessary you are dead wrong. As many Ilyzaele players have said they found it more fun and easier. On an half dead server sure it could be useful. But if Echo is max 2 accounts more people will gladly play,  no ones going to need teams much anymore.

After most end game dungeons were nerfed and made easier, I do think if a server is healthy MA will not be the trend.
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AetherForce|2019-04-06 10:42:02
You are disagreeing over semantics gunner. The word interact is both passive and active. Therefore why do players play on an online game only to make friends? Why have friendslists?

I am not the one using MMORPG semantics to force others to play with others. Yes, there are friendslist, yes there are people who play online game to meet friends. But do not think that everyone is playing online game to do that. There are people like me who take offense in people forcing us to play with others. We do not want to play with others. We only want to play online games by ourselves. If there is an offline Dofus, then I will gladly play that, but there is none, so I'd rather play Dofus on my own.

What I am saying is, you go ahead and play with others. leave us (who do not want to play with others) alone and stop insinuating that our preferred way of playing is not the right way of playing online game..

In fact, how do you know that those playing in Ilyazelle really want to play with others??? For all we know, they could be only playing with others because they are being forced to do so by the MA'ing restriction. Yes, they can play on Echo but the population in Echo is going down so they have no choice but to be force to play on Ilyazelle halfheartedly. If people really want to play with others, then they would have played with other like-minded players in Echo so they do not need to be forced to play with others in Ilyazelle.

Just my opinion.
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For those who want to do things with others, it's much easier to find others to do things with on Ily (not considering the case of being carried by a multi-accounting team, which is no fun to many people). 

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There is a thread on the Portuguese Community Forum about the merge of our server (Crocabulia) with the internacional one (Echo) because of the lacking of players and similar issues as described in this topic.

The CM already replied to the thread stating that its impossible to merge already merged servers (both Crocabulia and Echo are the result of merges) at the moment because of technical difficulties (

I would also add that it is implied in the CM reply that solving this technical issues is not a priority and is not being worked by Ankama. I may be wrong in this assumption.

I dont know the state of the Spanish Community, but it is possible that they are facing similar issues as ours.

Maybe if the Communities start drawing attention to this issue it can change and Ankama starts to pay more attention on their non-french Communities, prioritizing the solution of existing technical difficulties in merged servers.


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I've tried that a bit. They are going to have to solve those technical issues anyway, because some french servers are also having population issues (Merkator).

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I think the server is being bought down by the mono-accounters trying to get leeched rather than the multi-accounters trying to do stuff on their own.
Yeah, Ily is doing great, but keep in mind it's a server open to every community.
Personally I started multiaccounting when I was tired of scheduling times (I live in australia) with others and having to argue my plans forward when doing a dungeon achievement (I had around 12k achievement points).
Since then I've only played with myself, close friends/old guildies.

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The sad thing is that this thread is almost a month old and had no reply or feedback from the CM or any other Ankama employee, despite the importance and severity of the matter. The servers are dying with small populations (Echo, Crocabulia and others), which causes a cascade effect, causing more players to leave.

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Gunnerwolfang|2019-04-16 01:40:38
The game was designed for 8 characters especially for endgame and in cases when using class that are not meta for certain dungeon. 

I do agree that the default team of 8 makes everything too long. That is one of the reason why I do not play with others. Playing with 7 others against 8 enemy means that I will only play 1/16 of the time. There are plenty of times that I fell asleep in the middle of the fight waiting for my turn. This is not an ideal game time. This is why there is no team mode in playing chess.

The good thing though is that 8 is just a max cap... If you find it too long, you can opt to play with less number (with less exp/loot boost)

Gunner's Idea i could get behind though maybe 6 instead of 8. Also with the Population of Echo not growing i actually believe it is to do with people leeching, this would actually make it hard for new players who only play with one account. What that would do is make that player either 1. Quit the game or 2. quit Echo and join another server , i have no problem with Multi-accounters, if they want to play like that let them. Echo probably needs a merge with another server ( another international one most likely ) .
Also Ankama should like someone mention set Ilyzaelle as recommended for new players starting the game, as the economy there is doing really well and there are lots of players. 
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I think they just need better ways to handle differing communities. Like all chat channels (recruit, trade, etc) should be community-based maybe. Or maybe they should make all of them global for all communities but let you just filter it out by the languages you want to see - then only those will appear. That would help allow Ily to be a server they could recommend for new players.

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