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Echo botting problem

By yahoomocarz#4484 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 25, 2021, 18:34:57

Hello fellow Echoans,

Anyone knows how to report rare resources botters (aspen sap etc.)

These are literally all over the server and seems like no one cares...

Please tell me whom to contact or where to send the report.

With kind regards.

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Echo is checked for bot activity very frequently, and bots are verified and banned from the server every day. Thanks in advance for sending me information via Ankabox at this link in the future, when you see bots. The reports will be checked accordingly.

I removed the names from your post, as we do not allow the public denunciation of rule-breakers (including suspected bots) on the forum, but I have recorded them for checking.

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Thanks, I'll keep on posting you once I've found names that act suspicious! I'm sure there will be many of em smile

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I just reported a sacrier bot in the Stontusk area:

There is a sacrier that has been farming millet in the Stontusk Desert area for some weeks. He disapeared for a couple days, which is why I did not report him, but is back now. Actually, another gatherer with whom I was talking while gathering obsidion told me to report this bot. I have tried to confirm it is a bot by attempting to pm him, but he is in private mode. Further, he does not respond to public messages, as I shouted out, "Hello. Are you a bot?" several times, even leaving millet for him to farm so that he would be forced to see the message. I have a few screenshots, but cannot paste them here. The bots name is...

2021/03/14 Update
I found another bot in Eltneg wood today... another sac. Indeed, all the bots I find tend to be sacs. I will report this one again.

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Hello i have the same problem with bots , it is a massacre on echo server , frigost island clean, mines is clean MODS in ankama you have to get serious about it .
[link redacted]

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Please see my comment above to learn about reporting bots to the moderators. I removed your link, as it was directing to a filesharing site. Please use an image host like Imgur or Gyazo, and send me the direct link to the image which will generally end in .jpg or .png. Thank you!

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The botting situation on Echo has become totally out of control. The resource-gathering bots are like flies in every area. For example, there is a full-time 24/7 fogger bot in Eks Cave, which I have monitored for more than a week. Everybody knows these bots on sight, so the mods and admins must also be aware. I cannot believe that the issue is due to ignorance.

Several solutions have been proposed, but we need not choose just one. A combination would be better:
1) Resource protectors should be of the level of the ore being harvested, like in the paper and ink area of Pandala.
2) Characters in private mode should not be able to stack actions. These botters stay in private mode to avoid harassment by real players.
3) For those caught botting, their harvesting levels should be cut in half.

There are also monster-farming bots throughout the f2p areas, particularly in Astrub Forest, Astrub Fields and Astrub sewers, where relatively valuable resources can be found, including boar snout, demonic rose saliva and rat fangs, or even in Incarnam, where they gather tofu eggs and other base resources required for Almanax. These are annoying, especially as they target mobs only with the desired monsters, leaving everybody else to clear new mobs to respawn those monsters. Again, a demotion in level could be applied.

Ankama needs to deal with the bot issue once and for all. Even new players with whom I have spoken see this, which tells you that we older players are not just paranoid or picking needles from haystacks. The large number of bots hurts our chances of getting new players. We have all seen servers die, and knew it was preventable. Dofus is a great game, and just needs better marketing and an end to persistent problems like botting.

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