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House query

By Creeping-Ice#4572 - SUBSCRIBER - January 23, 2022, 23:25:00

So, I've had my eye on the house in the Scaraleaf Plain for a while, and the area remains one of my favourite locations between access to resources for professions, workshops, and the Scara's themselves (decent for selling mats and fun to blast from time to time). The problem is, I have no idea how best to make contact with the owner to make an offer, if they're even active on Echo at this point- and if they're not active, how the process of the house becoming available even works.
What would be the best way of making contact with the owner? (messaging directly seems unreliable with potential timezone differences etc)
Is there a way of telling if an account has gone inactive?
Does Amkama announce a house re-auctioning at certain intervals or is it more sporadic?

I guess i'm looking for advice on how to proceed as it's been nagging at me a bit and not sure who to ask about housing; when I was last properly playing I wasn't anywhere near being able to afford any house. Any information would be appreciated as I'm not really sure how to move forward about it.

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