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Endgame Dungeon Leeching Service

By IDivideByZero - SUBSCRIBER - July 02, 2018, 20:51:43


I'm selling endgame dungeon leeches, the following is a list of dungeons I can currently provide the service for.
Note: if you're looking for help with a lower level dungeon that quite frankly requires minimal effort compared to these, those do not cost a dime and I urge you to visit This Thread for more information on free help with lower level content.

  • Merkator (Mystique, Last)
  • Dantinea (Last, Statue)
  • Queen of Thieves (First)
  • Catseye (Limpwrist)
  • Vortex (Focus)
  • Solar (Focus, Versatile)
  • Bethel (Mystique)
  • Dazahk Freezammer (Freedom)
  • Ilyzaelle (Freedom)
  • Missiz Freezz (Nomad, 200 Score)
  • Sylargh (Hermit, 200 Score)
  • Nileza (Last, Limpwrist, 200 Score)
  • Klime (Limpwrist, Nomad, 200 Score)
  • Count (Versatile, Statue, 200 Score)
  • The Fantastic Five achievement (Eminent Fighter ornament)

If you're looking for, for example, Nileza Limpwrist, Count 200 and Count + Nileza of the Fantastic Five achievement, the total sum of all leeches will be given a discount and I'll do Count + Nileza 200 Score while doing Limpwrist, all in one fight; so if you are looking to buy Frig3 Achievements, it may be handy to 'buy them in a bundle' with an another achievement.

Prices are to be discussed personally. Either leave me an Ankabox message and I'll get to you in max. 1 day to decide on a price and time; or just message me personally during the evening DUT. Fights take no time at all, the leeches are affordable and fast.

/w Quinotaur in-game or shoot me an Ankabox to IDivideByZero.
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Are you still offering this service?

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Sorry for the late response, didn't show up in notifications as I hoped it would.
Yeah, the service is still available!

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