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[Guild] Cech Nezavislych Raketek (New CZ/SK Guild search new members)

By AdernisCze - SUBSCRIBER - July 17, 2018, 22:06:20
Name: Cech Nezavislych Raketek (Guild of Independent Rockets)
Language: Czech and Slovakia
Level guild: 6lvl
Guild House: no (we worked on this)
Paddock: no (we worked on this)

About us:
Welcome to the CZ / SK guild of the Guild of Independent Rockets. As you can see, we are 100% independent and so neutral to the current Alliance in Dofus. Our goal is unknown so far, we are Newbie players and we are still learning the game. Surely we're planning on joining a bigger alliance in the future, just getting ready for it. By signing up for the Guild you commit to certain rules.
1) Treat yourself fairly to both the friend and the enemy
2) No verbal insults and insults
3) If it's going to help you as best as you can
4) Enjoy the game and have fun
5) Guild membership is voluntary where the doors are all you know.
IMPORTANT ---> Every player helps the Guild by contributing to the expansion of the Guild's LvL ... Deufault is set at 5%, but if anyone has more to give, we will of course be happy for his generosity.
Our goal is to get a guild at 10 lvl now and to establish a Guild House with Guild Paddock for training and treading mounts.
Each member of the guild has the right to recruit and use the paddock (which we do not yet have).
If you are interested, write either here or in the game of players Adernisia or Duclejka.

GL&HF - Adernis.
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ahoj kolik Vas tam je?

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Popici, sk/cz guilda a rec message po anglicky. Dobre vam to ide...

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čau jste ještě na dofusu ?

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