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Echo or mono server?

By Earthsarku - SUBSCRIBER - November 06, 2018, 02:56:17
Hi,  i used to play when shika/rushu were up, decided to come back try out the game with the new updates. Im woundering how is mono acc diff than echo and the player base/item price is on the two servers for somebody starting from the ground up? Also would i have to use multy accs in echo? Ty.
​​​​​​P.S. forums are crap i had to choose a category onli ones avaliable were market ones

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Mono account only allows you to play 1 character on 1 computer while echo you can use as many characters as you want on a computer. Mono server has a bigger population but the ratio of English to French is quite staggering but the English community is still existent and prominent. Mono also has a better economy with everything being extremely affordable and items sell in an instant while Echo economy is just average. Mono items are 3 to 4 times less than Echo items in general but sometimes more. Mono also forces you to have more teamplay with other players because you can't do everything alone unless you obviously play a sneaky class. If you're looking for an english community on mono, just search up Unity on the fellow pages and pick a guild that suits you well or allows you to join in. Echo allows you to enjoy many characters and you can complete content easier because you can do them without anyone help or less help. You will almost always have english speakers to communicate around you which makes it quite simple to get messages across. Echo has a lot of pvp and pvm alliances you can choose to be a part of which is also a big plus. Echo end game players will ignore you more likely compared to Mono end game players for the exact reason of requiring teammates to play with and are usually more easier to approach. 

Way easier to start with nothing on mono than it is on Echo but if you are determined and motivated you can make it on either server. It is highly recommended to multi on Echo unless you plan to do kolossium for the most part and dedicate a lot of time towards pvp.

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i play on echo. its ok,  not bad economy,  not bad population, or even great if same1 remember dead servers like solar..- international community ofc wink. it may by hard to start but only if u got some time and should be ok wink. What is great here? if u need or if u want u can create another acc and play in duo/team, but if u dont like it u can just play as i - only 1 charakter and still have fun!! XD about helps from other players i would sey its ezyer to get it on echo coz somethimes is enought to get 1 person who have own team instead of gethering bunch of players (ppl play in diferent time, during game always some1 have to afk and every think is dealeyed) also there is a lot of solo-accounters on Echo who understand how hard can by playing without team. I didnt play on mono, its true, but i speak with friends who back to echo from there. they sey that is very 
frustrating to play with tons of french players and it sometimes is even hard to speak with them by eng. Last time they sey to me: "u do a lot of kolos, and u hearing fr languages on almost each fight. now imagine this think daily and in each case of dofus life. if u want try just log in beta, same community.. we will see how long u handle".
overall it deapens on nearest community around u so get friends! and gl hf.

if u need some tips ;-)

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Thank you for all your answers smile im hoping materials on echo sell more than on mono so u compesate the gear price cuz im gona start on echo biggrin

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Hey guys, I recently moved to the US and am thinking about contacting the support to change community from French to International hopefully I will be able to find more players in my gaming time slot.

Is Echo an active server overall? Looking on Statofus I see that there is around 29k players but how does it feel ingame?

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