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New player, help wanted

By Galahaz - SUBSCRIBER - January 29, 2019, 13:47:27

Hey there guys, I'm a relatively new player. Last time I played was back in 2014, I'm lvl 48 Cra on Echo server and looking for frienss to play with, a guild and stuff smile feel free to message me, my character's name is Parivall

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hey bro, im getting back into Dofus again, im gonna be working on buying my sac a Set first, hit me up in game Onlysac. I would love to join you in some adventures im a level 146 sac so i cna level you a little smile and since im a returning player we can chill and figure stuff out together lmao

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If either of you still need a guild, you are welcome in Ultraviolet. PM me or any of the other guildies for an invite.

IGN Chievera

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