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Letter to Ankama: The State of the Echo Server

By Setmeonfire - SUBSCRIBER - March 25, 2019, 10:58:43
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I've been trying this on and off for 14 years. Last time nearly 3 months ago with over 60 other players at the FR forum, as a response to not getting answers here. Unfortunately, so far 32 of those customers quit. We've given them so many tools and opportunities to expand this game but every single time we've been turned down, ignored, fooled or insulted. The international community is collapsing on all servers, and the damage is irreversible. Lets just deny it and build walls to stop all them Dofugrants.

Seriously though, Ankama doesn't believe us. They believe in statistics (which bots provide).

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Thank you so much Setmeonfire for coming up with this suggestions ! I really hope that some of them will be listen. I really would love to be able to play again in a server were (after the merge) I have my character that I build over the last 6 years.
It was so sad to see the server slowly die - and I had find myself moving to Ilyzaelle to try to rebuild all; but it then I quitted since restarting all was just not fair...

Please Ankama listen us and try to focus more on the people more then the game...

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bruh max 2 accounts? i agree with you but 2 accounts max.??? are you serious? We could all play on ily if we make a limit of the amount of accounts..

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as a solo player on echo im tired of being forced to pay up to pay up to 5mk for just 1 leech to get any end game quests done. There arent enough solo players to team up (took me almost 3 weeks just to do turqoise when it can be done in like 5 hours with a multi-accounter)

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Groundhog day...

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