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Requesting some help from the community manager

By Cepha - SUBSCRIBER - October 08, 2019, 21:26:52


It's been a week now that the 15th anniversary event has started and Echo is still struggling completing the 1st stage, at the time of this post we are roughly 350 axes short (out of 1000).

I've been doing my best to spread the word since day one, answering even the most stupidest question about the related quests but the number of people involved seems terribly low.

I'm extremely surprised if not disappointed that there's been absolutely no promotion of the event in game. It makes me worry for the other remaining steps (and it's really not granted we get to the last one by the look of things) and I even wonder if there is a community manager.
Now I know I can't expect a 24/7 promotion but at least a few staff messages here and then to get the interest for the event started.

Izmar was usually on the ball when events were up (even for recurring ones like vulkania openings) but the last CM (and I can't even remember their name, which means something) was a real disappointment with vulkania 2018, logged on when it's just open, handed in a few ballons, said congratz and logged off.

Maybe now is the time to step up and get Echo to join the event properly?

edit: oh right, Manaia...

1 week later:
Well no sign whatsoever of a CM or a GM on Echo or on the forum.

It looks like Ankama has secretely lowered the requirements to reach the next stages, as we got to step 2 with less than 800 axes and step 3 with a bit more than 40K trash collected.
That said I don't know how Ankama expect us to complete stage 3 as we have less than 800 chars that started this event.

So please, pretty please with magical cure on top, can someone competent advertise this event in game?

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