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Blues Eternal Harvest

By Blue-Hue-Zero - SUBSCRIBER - October 18, 2019, 16:03:05

The Ochre Dofus was essential to the progress of the game for me. For me, the game was about progression and doing achievements. I spent over six weeks farming arch-monsters. I was collecting eight of each to satisfy a full team. I started to become gated by several monsters that were only spawning in alliance controlled zones. I did join an alliance and was receiving some of these monsters that were causing my progression to bottleneck. I started to come towards completion with the monsters I had access to and tried to find access to the other gated zones. These other alliances were not interesting in inviting new people and the alliance I was with wasn't interested in gaining control over these other areas. This unfortunately led to the halt of my progression and without the ability to move forward the game became stale for me. I hope this quest changes in the future and I sympathize with anyone trying to complete it. For me that's it I didn't want to be forced into pvp and if that is the only option and is part of the quest then so be it. Thanks for the experience Ankama and good luck with the future.

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Why not just buy the souls?

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Only few archs are spawning on Alliance zones.. Also u can find others soul catchers and just trade dupilcates.. Also u can sell dupilcates to buy missing archs..

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