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Community Project: an International Discord for the Monoaccount Server!

By XhatzExpia#5739 - SUBSCRIBER - September 13, 2017, 16:09:10

Welcome, adventurers of the world!
For quite a long time now, (long before the single-account server announcement), there has been a Discord server, which's goal is to bring together the whole community of the server into one unique spot. It is a Discord server named "Shinonome" (codename given to this project).
The goal of this server, as I explained above, is to invite and bring as much players as we can in one unique place, in order to allow them to:

  • Get closer to the rest of the community.
  • Recruit craftsmen or players more easily and quickly.
  • Sell resources faster.
  • Be aware and participate to all of Ankama's and all of our own events, and event create their own.
  • Communicate with other members, create bonds, and keep the community active.
  • Learn about the latest news from Ankama and the community in a centralized way.
If you are interested in this simple community initiative, you can join our server right now via the following address:, or with the ID "ED4UrRm". This is an international Discord, but there are multiple channels per language. Be sure to successfully read the #home (not done yet but soon will be!) channel in order to learn more about the server.
/!\ Server organization changed! It will be very messy if you're not using Discord Canary, but it is temporary until the official update comes! /!\

A forum was also created specifically for this server in order to support the players in their various activities: it allows you to communicate on an international support, and with the entire server's community. News from the server, from Ankama, and also from our team will be published here. Access is completely free and will remain free. We are obviously collecting everyone's opinions in order to improve it continuously.
Access to the forum:
*It will also be possible to have a private forum for your own guild, for free!

We also have already planned to rush the beginning of the server in order to "achieve some achievements" with our guild. Among these achievements, I can already say that the very first one will be to create the very first guild of the server... and much more! I'm talking about this today because we think that we are "lacking some members" in order to achieve that, and anyone's help would be very appreciated!

You can send an application in order to try to join our group, but it will also be possible to participate even if you don't want to be part of our guild! And with advantages!
For more informations, please read this thread (in french, sorry, yeah). I will translate it in english later, but if you are already interested, do not hesitate to use google translation in order to, at least, understand the basics of what we are planning. I will explain everything in detail later anyway, within our discord server.
Thank you very much, and see you soon on Discord! And sorry... my english can be terrible sometimes aha xD.
Xhatz, the guild Frozen Hourglass, and the team Shinonome.
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There's also the main Dofus Discord server with lots of people, quite a few will play on the single account server as well, so could create separate channels there.

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Hello! The DOFUS server is a bit less international and the monoaccount server will have a way-too-big community, that's why I made this server (already more than 200 people!). And server-specific, will have events and such, and a bit more channel organisation (as it's server-specific)

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For what it's worth, there has been much discussion about this server on Imps Village already. We'll likely create forum sections for this server once it's released as we did for Eratz and Henual.

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AFAIK, Imps Village is not international. That's why I made this Discord (bring everyone together in one same place, including french people that cannot read english for a single example), and the server will be international, not english tongue

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Excellent. I am pretty sure I'll be returning for this server if the international community can muster up a strong enough presence.

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Seems likely, international interest is growing slowly but steadily over at Imps and reddit. In any case having some kind of bridge between communities would surely help the smaller ones to gather around.

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