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MonoAccount Server FAQ

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - September 21, 2017, 18:00:00
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why is it not yet open.

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Another funny thing about the mono account server is that it shafts people like me who don't have a cellphone.
And I'll be damned if I blow $80 on one just so I can play on it.
Good job Ankama.

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I'm from Belgium and can't link my phone or certify my e-mail.. How can I play on this server? Was so hyped up for it and now I cant play it..

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Stop it. The project has failed. Not even at midnight is a login possible.

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It sucks that me and my husband can't play this mono server just because we live in the same house.... so sad wanted to enjoy this new content 

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incarnam today was hell , i was stuck in the dun for like 40min cuz the "solo players" locked the fight and went in alone 24/7 while 40+ppl wait in the room , if this keeps goin you have to change it asap lol

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Managed to reserve 16 names:
Excalibur (Iop)
Gunnerwolf (Osa)
Uzumaki-Naruto (Fog)
Eliatrope (Elio)
Mongrelamus (Oug)
Dora (Enu)
Incredible-Hulk (Sac)
Robinhood (Cra)
Vash (Rog)
Chobit (Hup)
Shogun (Panda)
Schizophrenia (Mas)
Tutankhamun (Xel)
Yunchang (Feca)
Zhang-Fei (Panda)
Liu-Bei (Sadida)

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It is not fair for people that live in same house and want to play together, please consider it.

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Razad, international server, but even admin speak french:

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How do i play with someone from the same house?

We were so happy to finally be able to play a normal server, only to find out we cant even log in at the same time. Laziest, worst devs ever !!!

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Your only option is to log one of the accounts from a 4G mobile waypoint. Please keep in mind, though, that it's possible that your mobile provider shares your 4G IP, so there is no guarantee that it will work.

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we tried, and we do not have the same IP, and it still doesn't work

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Then I'm sorry, but I have no other solution to offer you.

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I cant link my phone number to my account and Im from Puerto Rico. The ankama page said that USA had an entire coverage and they forgot that Puerto Rico is an United States territory and we share the same international code +1

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I know this is really old, but I didn't really want to make a new thread. Any chance the mono servers will allow transfers from Echo in like 6 months to a year? I really don't want to start over (I already did some of that) and I want to play with actual people.

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Highly unlikely that they will allow people to transfer to the mono server most likely it will hopefully stay to where you can only transfer to echo from ilyzaelle not to ilyzaelle from echo. 

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Is going to be in future to move from Echo to mono server ? I'm tired of people in Echo, everyone has a team!!!

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I'm a new player to dofus, and i wanna know if i can play with my brother from the same house on Ilyzaelle or we need only 1 account per IP.

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