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Frost - International alliance, Versatile & Cooperative - Rush or Casual!

By XhatzExpia - SUBSCRIBER - October 13, 2017, 18:19:45
“International, Versatile and Cooperative Alliance”

Hello! My name is Xhatz, and I am here today in order to introduce our project of an alliance on Ilyzaelle to you. Frost is an international and versatile alliance: contrarily to what you might have heard about us, we are not a fully-competitive alliance, and after the rush is finished, we intend to slow down our pace significantly!
We intend to rush during the beginning of the server, and for a couple of days, for a competitive purpose, but also to provide some resources to our members as fast as we can, including: Guildalogems, Prisms, Modules, Perceptors, Capturing Nets, and also some professions, for the sole purpose of supporting our members on a long-term basis, and for free!
Once this major rush is over, our wish would be to orient ourselves towards a more flexible, family-oriented alliance, while keeping our mutual help and sharing policy. More events and outings will be organized to stimulate activity within the alliance, but also to give everyone the opportunity to get loot in exchange for investment.
The persons joining us for the sole purpose of profiting from us will be excluded as soon as possible.

To read the full document, click here!
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Seems like the guild leaders are going to be the unwanted profiteers here biggrin

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Not necessarily, we choose who we recruit carefully, and our system was made to prevent leaders from leaving, penalizing themselves, their guild members and the alliance.

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Will it be international? Or french dominated? XD 

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Tons of french people compared to the other populations, but we already have two portuguese guilds! We try our best!

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