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Mono Server, English speaking community

By wheresmymind - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 13, 2018, 15:45:02

Which of the mono account servers has the largest English speaking community?

I've spent a few days on three different servers and have yet to find a single guild that is English speaking. I'm really interested in playing a single account but its pointless if I can't find anyone to group with.

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The server Razad has the guild Portal who lead the Alliance FUN. Not sure if it's the largest English speaking server between all the mono servers, but it's certainly the largest English speaking guild on the server. We usually have about 10 players online with an average level of 85.

If you'd like to join us whisper me IGN "Juice-blox" or the GM IGN "Rick".

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Well, on Ilyzaelle there is this guild called Silk Road that it is the second largest guild on the server. It has 150+ players and around 10~12 online almost at all times. The Average level is 88, we have a house + a brand new paddock. In addition, we have a big English community and an English alliance on the server, [UNI].  In total, we are 309 members of the 5 guilds that make this wonderful alliance. We can help you with whatever we can, and guide you if you have any questions.

You can join our Discord, that has open tabs for everyone to pass by, and just hang around and see if you like the environment. Link: 

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)
And if you are already on the server, you can contact any of our SiC (Second in Command) Caddy, Goob, Omi, our leader Abandonego, and myself, Edipo. 
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Thanks everyone. I deleted my character from the Fraktal server. If I start over I'll be sure to be in contact with one of you!

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hiya, we have an English speaking guild with 70 members, we are called Zaap, we are considering a guild name change considering how big the guild is growing, average level is 93, and rising every day, if you would like to join us pm me via, in game, my name is Sliinkzy, or you can reach me on my discord on Sliinkzy#6498, we have a Zaap discord  we're all friendly and always do XP. so come join us biggrin

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