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[Guild] Proxima Centauri [UNI]

By kn0ttz - SUBSCRIBER - January 16, 2018, 12:48:56

Hi Folks, 

First of all thank you for taking the time to stumble upon this thread and read what follows. If you are indeed looking for a guild, your consideration is valued.  

We are a place to chat, relax & enjoy each others company.
Proxima strives to offer a great atmosphere and somewhere to feel at home, welcoming any players who are sensible and mature with a good attitude towards the game and other players.
You will find like minded people here within Proxima Centauri.

Proxima has all the usual offerings of a guild; A house & paddock etc.
We are part of the [UNI] alliance, striving to connect all the English speaking players on Ilyzaelle.

My concept for the guild is to create a place where you can find help and advice throughout the trials and tribulations that a dofus player will encounter. The game is no fun alone and I feel our ninety strong member count has the foundations required to really bring this concept to life. We do not dictate to our members, we do not judge you on your level. We know that everyone has to start from the bottom and work there way up and here at Proxima you will find people more than happy to assist you along your way.
Thanks for reading,
if you feel we are the guild for you, feel free to message any of my members including myself IGN "Knottz"

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Hey Knottz. I'm a level 55 Iop currently on Ganymede and really looking forward to the merge so I can meet some new people! If you guys are still around I'll definitely be messaging you smile

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I can confirm [UNI] Its the best English alliance on Illyzaelle.

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Well merge happened. Any new recruits are welcome, that includes you Spungeh smile

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