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[Guild] Free Ringtones.

By Jimmyjimmy - SUBSCRIBER - August 03, 2018, 07:12:52

Free Ringtones:

We are the fastest growing English speaking guild on the server, populated with a good mix of first time and returning, medium and high level players. Our guild has, in the short time since I obtained it, exceeded all expectations, passed average level 100, and supported countless players growth into mid-game. Recruitment for the guild is at this stage mostly something that happens between members and their friends, but with Temporis arriving next week, I thought this might be a good chance extend an invitation to Temporis players. To grow my guild, meet new people, and possibly even become competitive on an AvA scale.

Our allegiance is to Unity, the servers largest English speaking community, which is founded on the principles of free and voluntary associations. If any English speaking guilds from Temporis are interested in joining an english speaking alliance and helping it to grow, you can message me about that as well.

Server natives are also welcome to apply, let's stick together and grow the Izy english community.

- Jeffers

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I am only around level 70 on Ilyzaelle since I only recently decided to be more dedicated to the monoserver acount. Can I join as well?

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Sure thing, message me in game for an invite, or try Im-not-kreative if I'm asleep.

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