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Looking for an English guild? Join Exile today!

By Merked - SUBSCRIBER - November 28, 2018, 17:11:52

Hey all,

Exile is once again opening its doors to new recruits from the English speaking community. We are an inclusive guild with a range of player levels (I myself was taken it at level 1, now omega 1) in the most powerful, and helpful, English alliance on Ilyazelle. With an average level of 163 we have a good selection of people that can help with content of all levels, from guiding people through the early dungeons to trying omega content or defending percs.

On top of this we are proud of the community we have built up, with an active guild chat and an 'interesting' ally chat to say the least, so if you are looking for a less lonely Dofus experience then you will find yourself at home with us! We don't have any minimum level requirement on joining - more important to us is fitting in with the Exile community. If you are interested in joining, pm 'Antoris' (leader) or 'Katkoot' (me) in game or put a comment below. Feel free to ask any questions of me!

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Hello, do you still accepting members? I'm a yop lv 49, active. Good vibes.


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