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How I can earn money by having naked character?

By SirJosh#2340 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 19, 2019, 12:39:37

Hi. A month after Ilyzaelle start I ended my jurney on my 196lv eliotrope. I get rid of every part of my equipment because I thought i'll never get back into dofus again but here I'm. My buttchick is naked, my jobs are not higher than 6lv, how I can earn some kamas to re-build my character? I don't want to create new characted because this elio has 100 chance scrolled and other 25.

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making simple achives gives lots of kamas, thats a nice kickstart. Making a new acc and run it throu first dungs works well as well. All the other things like maging and crafting require lots of kamas so u have to start over if you starting over smile

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There is old topick about kamas making, some of tips are still on time (at least on echo).
catch it:

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Probably a pretty late reply, as it's 1 month later, but for anyone else reading this and wondering how to make kamas in a similar situation:

If you have no items and no kamas at all, even if you have a high level, then you pretty much have to start from scratch.

I see people recommending quests and achievements all the time, but that's a very lousy and unreliable way to earn kamas really. Unless you're doing achievements for a level 190~200 dungeon, in which case resources will sell for about ~0.5-1mk for each achievement. In any other case, the kamas rewards from quests and achievements are just as good as the kamas drops at the end of the fights. I suspect that if you fight incarnam mobs you'll end up earning the same kamas or even more than from completing quests or mediocre achievements. 

If you're F2P that really sucks because you can not do the single best thing to earn kamas: maging. You do not need a high investment or high level as you can overmage some vitality on low level items and sell them for ~10,000k a piece, which usually is x5 times what the item itself and the runes will cost you. 

However, the best next thing are drops. You only need ~170,000k for 1 week of P2P, so milirats in astrub sewers might be your best bet. at 4,500K each rat fang, you'll only need ~40 rat fangs for a week of p2p, which opens a lot of options for earning kamas. Personally, I hate this method, because you'll usually fight groups of 8 monsters with maybe 1 or 2 rats in it, so it can be quite tideous at times, but if you manage to join a group hunting them, they will probably dispatch of the rats within seconds, and also be able to spread the search on multiple maps, much faster this way. 

Gobball Dungeon achievements are great for a new players too, you will recieve enough to craft a few pieces of royal gobbal sets, which might sell for up to 20.000k each. I haven't checked the prices for royal gobball set in a while so it might be less or more. 

Hunter meats are always good, so make sure to always have a hunting weapon, and when you drop meat always prioritize leveling up your own hunter profession until you can hunt the next tier of meat, before you start selling the meat your dropping. 


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Do the weekly quest in Kerubim's shop, that will earn you 43kk every time, even as a f2p.

There is a super easy dungeon at [-10;-11] I think? The boss drops 1 piece of every alloy there, and you can do it once a day. It takes 10x iron to enter.
Personally, I have always enjoyed hunting for archmonsters. You can have a look at their prices at the soul market and periodically check some areas. 
Do some easy bounty quests
Or, look for the strong ones, gather some people and get leeched shamelessly. 
Sell literally everything you have in your bank, that stuff is no good to you if It stays in a chest collecting dust. This is also something I find enjoyable, and you might have some decent money in there, even if you don't know It.
Check if you have tokens of any kind among your quest items, buy the most valuable good from the merchants, and sell. Doploons, almanax, pearls, ice kamas, alignment tokens, you name it. Ice kamas in parcitular make VERY good money once you unlock frigost 3. 
Some of the Daily quests in Sufokia can be done without fighting I think.
As a f2p, you could also gather the ingredients for some recipes and have people craft them for you. Here on Echo, for exame, that wand that makes you small is worth 8-15kk a piece, and it Is made of common ingredients.

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I dont agree with yoboi. There is a lot of Daily quest which givs not bad amount of kamas or same valible item liek expl scrolls or tokens which u can Exchange for rare mats. Expl u can get enought money to resub just by daili questy at sufokia.
Also achives, even that low lvl one are fine and easy to do. Expl dungs ach form lvl 1-50  doesnt do much 1 by 1 but all of them let u resub for 7days.

i wrote a lot of ways to get kamas  in post which i linked few answers higher 

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