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Please fix the problems with the Ilyzaelle server!

By Heliogabalus#9295 - SUBSCRIBER - March 20, 2020, 16:16:30
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Well moving from what I find attractive (mono account) server to a boring (multi account) multi account server is not a solution to the problem, it's just running away from it. I think I wrote another message somewhere else regarding the main performance/server connection issues I see:

- Having to go throught the queue again on a mono account server when you want to change characters, what incentive is there to have many classes if you cannot transfer equipment from one to the other without a min. 30min and up to 2h queue time? - This should be easy to fix.

- Lag spike at 00:06-00:08 every day. There has been a lag issue specially at this time after midnight backup, it causes disconnections, challenge failures, achievement failures, perc attack/defences losses, etc.

- Insane lag in high populated maps (Brakmar and Bonta markets and banks). Shouldn't many instances of the game be a solution for these small amount of maps?

- Queues so long that you think about quitting the game for good.
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I can't enter the server since April. Must be super hard to fix this to take this long.
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Since 3 days (sunday) i have been trying to connect to the game, on Ilyzaelle server. 

The loading is increasing as long as it is need to get 100% and than i have to looking at loading screen for x minutes, with the knowledge that i wouldn't get access to the server anyway, i would only see error notification: The connection to the server has been interrupted  (i can play on echo without the problem, internet connection is not a problem).
Could you please fix it somehow? Idk what may be the reason. 

I bought the subscription, spend my money, and i can't even use it, it doesn't seems to be fair :/
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Up... @mods?
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