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New Server?

By Bloodbishop - SUBSCRIBER - March 25, 2020, 17:49:08

Will the server be international? WIll it start everyone of as lvl 1? Do we get free Ily server transfer ruining the economi right from the start of the server? Is it a temp server until corona clears out and dofus becomes semi dead again? 

You guys really suck at this, its like back in 2005 you found a gem and uwe just been lucky that it didnt fall apart in ur hands for the past 15 years. Other than forcing the game kolosseum, "balancing the classes' to ruin both pvp and fuck up pvm completly rendering some classes useless, and the lately not being able to handle more than 2000 ppl playing on ily, you spur a new server on us with  no info what so ever...

Can u stop hiring free students from Elementary school that can program and get some actual people working there that know what they are doing please? Ive been on dofus since the start waiting for things to go better but im starting to think the street mime clowns are a real thing in france and they own Ankama...

This topic is prb going to be deleted but i had to say whats on my mind, as a long term supporter im really disapointed in you.

The new mono-account server Jahash will open its doors tomorrow, March 26, at 4 pm CET!

Despite what you might have heard, please note there won't be a double XP bonus on Dofus this weekend.

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Couldnt have said it better..

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what is wrong with you people

i do understand y’all, all my characters were on ily when i came back and i do want to play them, i did wait excruciatingly until i could get in and had to weight extremely carefully the idea of switching characters after 10AM

i get it, it’s not what we play for

on the other hand, i also believe you should
cut ankama some slack here, because it’s been two weeks already that the forums and i guess their DMs are full of quite ungraceful complaints


just try to be civil
and empathize

i guess you all know why there has been a sudden spike in player population recently

the folks over at ankama are bending backwards with what they have and what they can do given the circumstances, and y’all are still second-guessing every single move?
you also seem to have been (i presume you are not anymore) wildly uninformed about the logistics of this new server, yet stockpiled insults based on your assumptions on what the answers are.

they have also given another free week of subs - so while they are setting this server up for player’s comfort, wrapping up temporis, all while each individual has their own stress level and worry regarding the covid, and you think that they deserve to be called morons and clowns by an impatient, petulant child who can’t stay away from the flashy screen for too long without crying.

i understand the frustration, but boy the total disregard of decency and human respect is totally uncalled for.

check yourself a tad more often, will ya?

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So basicly ur the tipe of person that goes to work, does 20% of whats expected of you and you expect to get paid. 

Also iwe been active past 3 years, somebody like you that just returned now cuz ur quaranitned and arent capable of doing anything else other than log into dofus that u stoped playing who knows when, then start being a smart ass about something you have no clue about since you werent here for who knows how manny years is just what ud expect from somebody whos bored and has nothing else to do, go against anything that has any value anywhere. lol

**i do understand y’all, all my characters were on ily **when i came back and i do want to play them**, i did wait excruciatingly until i could get in and had to weight extremely carefully the idea of switching characters after 10AM**

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To not be as rude and say told you so, and to check my self a tad more often like my leprecon friend that replyed to this post about me insulting ankama in my own way and insult me in his own way. 

Il just explain my self, so yesterday i complained but what ticked me off mostly was that they announced a new server what was to be expected, i mean why fluctuate the massive amounts of people to temporis servers by pre mature opening them, i mean if they arent ready for them now a week before they officaly launch them they never will be, So they cuda open the tempo servers yesterday, today or tommorrow, over the weekend ppl would relax and wait, but im going on of point again. So they decided to open a new mono server and gave us no info what so ever yesterday, a simple 10 text words would do but they just announced it thats it. Then at noon today they did post the 10 text words, but they didnt check them self a tad bit more often and they posted it a wee bit too late. Telling us in history of dofus this server will be the first one that will share character slots with another server on the list aka ily on which we fucking cant log past week. So in a way i was pissed of mostly cuz i didnt know what to expect on the new server and i knew they will middle finger us veteran players somehow. So after 3 years of daily activity i cant log into the characters i invested in on Ily and since im already a 3 year veteran on ily with maxed char slots and alts i am not allowed to play on janash since my slots are maxed out. So jsut to be clear to Jinsenke  and everyone that doesnt like what im saying, my first mmorpg was Dofus and i had no reason to change it, eaven when they negated our years of farming dofuses with trophyes that basicly nuttered them useless for a few years, eaven when they made our mele classes useless with 508 idols, eaven when they made us PVM players obsolete because of tournaments and kolosseum horse shit. I was semi silent for years, but now when i cant acess my fucking char for days, and then again when im not eaven allowed to play on a new server everyone else can enjoj, thats when i get ticked off and start sprouting shit like this.

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again, the flooding and the overload of the servers ain't ankama's fault.
it's like blaming a particular brand of supermarkets because they didn't have enough toilet paper for all the people who stockpiled it along diapers and canned food.

to me, to blame for this whole situation are those who see a full server and still try to get in. especially those who are new players and can start over anywhere.
i understand your frustration, i really do. every country and a lot of households are going through a hard time, and maybe those same people you call out are as well, maybe you do, and need now more than ever a way to escape reality into the world of your favourite mmorpg. what i tried to do was to make you look beyond your nose and see that it may be not a reason to lose your temper over, because nobody is perfect, especially not in a time of crisis.

you do raise an interesting suggestion, opening the temporis earlier, but i am guessing that if they didn't do it but opened a brand new server instead there must have been a reason. i mean, if the solution to such a problem is that easy, it would have been solved by now - don't you think?

anyhow, i did notice it was not a very successful solution in the end, it did reduce by a thousand the number of people in the queue but not eliminate the problem in its entirety. too bad. but at least they tried. i try to be fair to them bc i acknowledge that there are real people behind the game, the issues, the solutions, the balancing overhauls that are taken with rage by half of the players of a class, and this situation is one that we have never experienced in modern-day society, nobody could have foreseen it (except bill gates, apparently, who has been bracing for a pandemic for years now - look up some of his interviews by vox) and that not even the governments were prepared for. but even in times like these i don't believe we should let go of our civility and abandon any sign of graceful empathy.

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