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Ilyzaelle is French server or International ?

By Vegoalt - SUBSCRIBER - March 27, 2020, 20:52:10

Hello there

Im rly mad about what happend .. 
I have got Warning after i wrote something in ENGLISH on /B on INTERNATIONAL SERVER 

Ilyzaelle is INTERNATIONAL server... I and few others people got Warning from @Scaarh about writing in English on public chat
I want any Mod to do something with it... There is a lot of French people on Ily, but there is also EN Community on Ily, why you dont respect it ? and want us to speak FR on INTERNATIONAL SERVER ?????

Mod edit: Removed the warning screenshot. -[MOD]Fiora
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I will also add this post from @Fiora mod : 

About that there is no official language for Ily server... so why we cant speak in EN on /b /r ??
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biggg oof

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This is pure crap; there's inter-server kamas trading at night, constant /c flood in the french channel and they message people using a tad bit of english on a channel that's supposed to be international and with no linguistic guidelines.

French people don't care if there are spanish, portugese or russian messages in the chat. If people want to speak freaking hindi or klingon on /r it should be their own business. 

They really need to change how they approach communication with foreign communities.

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As Ximu0 said- bots in mines or sending phishing msgs at zaaps and using english on int serv is a crime xD top kek

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I can appreciate the frustration about receiving a warning that seems undeserved. I'm happy to follow up on this, and if you or anyone has any questions they may contact me via Ankabox to discuss.

I'm a bit disappointed that a number of people came here to direct targeted insults towards Ankama and the moderator in question. Whether or not something was correct, personal attacks are unnecessary.

For future reference, if anyone has any questions about moderation decisions, you should reach out privately to discuss the matter and it will be resolved accordingly. For these discussions, you can send an Ankabox message to [Manaia] or myself.