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Ilyzaelle Vs Jahash

By IAMONEOFAKIND - SUBSCRIBER - July 11, 2020, 06:16:08

This question came from random curiosity. If you have played on both servers for a fair period of time. What would you say are the major differences between both servers from your own experience? I know that Ilyzaelle been around for a long time, while Jahash is still very much new. Is the ratio or percentage of English to French players about the same for both or one has more than the other? What are the guild/alliance dynamics for either server? If a new player were to choose between both mono-servers, what would stand out to them the most and would they get the necessary help and companionship needed long term?

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Hello! Bochi! long time no see! as someone that's played on both Illyzaelle and Jahash i can say the community on Jahash is smaller but from what i can tell is a tad friendlier and a bit more helpful, that being said the english community is on Jahash but as far as i can tell ilyzaelle has more of a english player base since it is bigger. There are a few english guilds and an english alliance however. 

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