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Ilyzaelle vs Echo (PvP oriented)

By Vegittto#5529 - SUBSCRIBER - June 22, 2021, 00:12:02

How does Ily vs Echo compare in terms of economy and ease to get to lvl 200?

I'm PVP focused so I don't really about doing quests and rather get to lvl 200 fast to do Koli. I hear Ily is pretty active, which could mean market is pretty healthy. However, since it's mono it might be harder to reach lvl 200 fast, compared to multi where you can pay a single person to lvl you up with his team.

I only have Echo or Ily available, does anyone here have experience on both servers?

I'm coming from PT server.


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Ilyzaelle is quite easy to level theres loads of people leeching etc, lots of groups extremely active it has about 3-4x  Echo's population as well. 

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Leeching is never a problem, if you are willing to pay then there will be countless services available for you in /r chat. Monoaccount restriction is not a problem, leechees form a group of 1-2 people (or 3 if it's necessary for an endgame dungeon achievement) who communicate via discord.

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If you don't care about language AND you're NOT planning to try playing with more than 1 character at a time Ily might be better for you. Economy is definitely better there, I heard there are more active players etc. However, if you don't know French like me and like interacting with other players, Echo will be better. Economy is a bit less alive than on Ily but in my opinion still good! Most players here are English so you won't have any problems with language here.
And when ti comes to leeching I believe it's not a problem to find it anywhere. I play just on Echo and there are many options for these services.

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