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Is Izy still an active server?

By Aleeeex99#8640 - SUBSCRIBER - August 01, 2021, 14:50:02

I'm planning to return to the game after a while,I was wondering is Izy still the most active server or is better to looking for a different one?
I convinced a friend of mine to try the game,he never played dofus before,so can u guys give me some advice on wich server should i choose...
Is Izy still 100% french or can i find some English guild?
Thanks for reading,have a great day.

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Ily is active, its very hard to lvl a harvesting professions a lot bots/players eat up areas with trees cereal etc. 
I wouldn't join a high lvl english speaking guild as you'll get no replies when asking for help your best bet is to make your own guild and invite all new players I see a lot looking for english speaking guilds as low lvl which I think is a big mistake all the english speaking guilds are high lvl now.

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It's still very active with a great English speaking community. Welcome to join us over at Heavenly Knights. We're always happy to help and all levels are welcome.

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