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[ILY] [GUILD] [RECRUITING] Join the Heavenly Knights Party! We're Recruiting!

By JunoBug#9665 - SUBSCRIBER - August 02, 2021, 16:47:45
We're recruiting active players! Heavenly Knights has some open spots in the guild to fill and we're looking for players of all experience levels to join our fam (and the party). All levels are welcome. Connect with us in-game for more info. If you enjoy Discord chats, virtual karaoke, regular events and a lot of laughs, we're your people.

Respond to this thread with your Character name and tell us a bit about yourself or PM us in-game on Ily (/w) Marzaa, Nixstix, Ayertoe, Nattiop, Lordnave or Rochane. If you're an OG, returning after a break, brand new or just been around and looking for a new community to hang with, give us a shout.

  • English-speaking.
  • Interested in good vibes, questing, dreams, PVM and a bit of PVP, as well as helping fellow each other progress through the game.
  • Non-toxic! Our no.1 rule is "Don't be a d**k!".

  • We're around 230+ members strong! We welcome all levels in the guild.
  • We have arguably the BEST English community Discord - with various optimizations and automated features. Get on voice chat with us and join the party!
  • We just recently created a brand new alliance and are in the process of setting up our community.
  • Our player base has multiple time zones with players from a variety of countries and cultures.
  • We have events regularly (Discord Karaoke, soul events, scav hunts, silly PVP tournaments, tingo tag, chafer crit, discord bingo and loads of video chat fun).
  • Opportunities to grow with us and progress into management roles if you're keen.

Image copyright Heavenly Knights 2021 - 2022. All rights reserved.
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I would love to join an active english speaking guild since playing alone an mmo is a brand new player,trying sacr in ily server and im trying to find my way around..if you still recruit hit me up in discord.i messaged you ingame but you were probably afk.. discord name : loopa#0117

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Hey there! I would love to join the guild. I’m a level 200 hipermage, currently rebuilding and love to play with people, I’ll pm you in game but would appreciate an invite. Looking forward thanks

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Hey! Would love to join, playing dofus for 20 years now on and off. My in game name is August-Of-Nothin

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Hi i hope your still accepting english speaking members. I used to play dofus on and for about 15 years now and want to get back into it fresh with a new server. I just dont have anyone with play with. I will sent an email to you . so i can join the discord if so smile

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Hello, looking for a cool guild to run with, im not new but i dont have high level characters.
Mainly a Wakfu player so i have some experience xD i tried to contact you inside the game but it seems none is online right now.
My IGN is Eredo and im levelling up an Eliotrope

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