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Are you planing to do something about iops?

By ilarigh - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 04, 2018, 15:50:56

Unfortunately a common perc hunt strategy is to have high ini iop which causes quite a bit of trouble. As some maps have such tight starting positions those iops can end the game there and then before the defenders even have their first character doing anything. I have been recently in a few matches where we had some nice endgame geared people in our defending team and the opponents iop got 2 of our characters down the first turn and going highest in initiative. So going 3 vs 5 after 1st characters turn is pretty discouraging as i play dofus purely for the 5v5's. I bet you have heard the same complaints from others quite a bit but it's good to let you know what's going on smile

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+1, interest in GvG and AvA is very low in my alliance, with most members not willing to change class to iop.

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as an Iop myself, I can see how you would feel the class can be a hard match up. But what's also in the same sphere is that there are quite a few counters to iops.

  •  Get a character to out init the iop then take their AP (First turn fecas hard counters iops, or even a tool xelor that spams -AP spells) or make it so its impossible for them to use their 8 AP rotation of pygm to get maximum damage on you and your allies.
  • Don't group up!! space your allies out. Pygmachia is a 6 range area of affect spell (2 Aoe) that requires a separate target for all 4 of its 2 AP costing spell.
  • Bring a high vit sac that runs life transfer (4 AoE spell that can be cast every turn). Pyg can be responded to by using AoE healing. Sacs in general can be super hard to kill which adds more difficulty for the enemies to play around.
  • If the previous suggestions can't be used, simply put a character to lock the first turn iop in a way that blocks its line of sight from your other allies. if you make the iop spend even 2 AP on getting out of lock, it does a HUGE service to lowering the iop's damage output. You do NOT want a 11 AP iop using first turn power (3 AP) OR Conquest (3 AP) + 4 Pygms (8 AP) with a cloudy dofus against your team, (Ivory dofus will not save you in this scenario LOL).
  • [*]Get earth res

    I didn't go into details about the fire spell Tumult because its fairly similar to Pygmachia countering so hopefully this helps still. Anyway, these are just some suggestions when fighting against an iop, what it boils down to is responding to adversity, not necessarily accepting a seemingly hopeless situation.

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Those aren't counters those are strategies for trying to survive long enough to play a single turn.

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Also, to note, they're nerfing Pygmachia. Dofus is a firm believer in gravity! What goes up, must come down! You get a nerf! and you get a nerf!

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It's really more of a problem with the perc fight system. Attackers can pick the team members and plan well based on the map, which is also often very asymmetrical, while defenders have a very short time span to to strategize. The perc also has very low init making it difficult for the defending team to get the first play.

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The last few weeks I was in similar perc fight situations as ilarigh. I do fully agree, that there has to be some sort of nerf. While I do like the idea of the spell, I can understand the dmg nerf on Pygmachia from 20 to 15. But I don't know if this really is necessary. Why not just let Iops be able to use Pygmachia starting from the second, instead of the first turn? (similar to the restraint on Transportation or Waterfall) This would solve the issue with small maps. With this solution, two Iops wouldn't be able to deal massive dmg on the first turn, without any viable response by the enemy. In the first round, characters of the opposing team could easily spread out and have time to respond.

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Pyg needs an initial cooldown not dmg reduction - period

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I agree Pyg should be cast-able on second turn while keeping the damage the same.

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