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Support of amateur tournaments

By $[Sabi] - ADMIN - March 22, 2018, 16:00:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

Want to animate your server and create a PvP event to see the best teams of your server fighting against each other? Discover what we are putting in place to help you in your efforts.

Available Resources

To encourage players to organize PvP events, we have set up various tools.

The Goultard Arenas

This zone contains maps designed with PvP in mind. To get there, go through the Red Zaap in [-6,-12]..

arene goultard

Tournament mode is activated by default in all the maps in the zone. This mode makes it so that you do not see the opposing team's initiative order and positioning during the preparation phase.

arene goultard

In this zone, you'll find a paddock, a phoenix and Poutch Ingballs to get ready for your matches!


We've also set aside a sub-forum specifically for all player-organized amateur tournaments. After posting your tournament announcement in your server's section of the forums, contact [Sabi] to move your topic to the tournament section.

Feel free to mention it on Twitter @Dofus_EN, and we'll be glad to share your event to make it more visible.


In addition to any prizes you distribute to the winners of your tournaments, we'll provide (as long as the conditions below are followed) members of the winning team with an item from the Battler Set. You'll therefore need to win several times to get the complete set:

  • Battler Shield – first victory
  • Battler Headgear – second victory
  • Battler Cloak – third victory
panoplie du batailleur

Conditions and Support

In order to receive the Battler items, your tournament will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have at least 8 teams
  • Broadcast most tournament phases live or on a time-delay; and
  • Create a topic on the forums that contains at least the following information:
    • The list of teams with player's usernames and their Ankama nicknames (/whois)
    • The important dates (registration, qualifiers, finals)
    • The organizer(s) name(s)
    • The link to where the event will be broadcast, and
    • The name of the winning team, the list of players on that team, and the Ankama nickname (/whois) for the account where they would like to receive their prizes.

This topic presenting the tournament is crucial to promoting it and ensuring everything goes smoothly. We recommend that you put together a complete and detailed presentation, in which players can easily and quickly find the information they need.

Battler Set

Participants may choose give items in the Battler Set to a characters other than the one that they used to play in the tournament. By so doing, we want to favor the skills and experience of the player using the character, rather than the character itself.

However, to take advantage of this option, both accounts must be certified under the same name. When you register, specify the account username for the character that you are going to play and the account username for the character that you would like to receive the reward. Therefore, you need to register in the tournament's forum post on the official DOFUS Forum for the request to be taken into account.

Replacements cannot receive items in the Battler Set.

Please note that in the event of issues or failure to comply with the conditions for this option, we reserve the right to not credit the reward.

PvP Streams

Your event should go down in PvP history and leave it's mark; and for that, nothing beats streaming! 

Are you a streamer? Contact us with a link to a tournament that you've streamed, and we'll add you to the list!

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This is all very exciting to read! Just to be clear, does our mono-account server, Ilyzaelle, have your support as well? Are these teams required to be teams of 3? Also since our server's EN population is spread out in terms of player level, may teams be composed of players other than 200? Thanks in advance for your response!
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