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By fairygoddess - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 24, 2018, 02:19:34
Echo Smackdown is a server-wide pvp tournament that is open to everyone - looking forward to seeing some new and some returning faces! You may register for the event any time between now and Friday the 27th at 23:00DST.
Tldr;; 1v1 pvp tournament this Saturday the 28th, registration closes Friday the 27th 

Participants must join the discord server to submit screenshots of matches

Referee: Animuffin - Discord: Amber#5839 
Referee: Bootiful - Discord: Bootiful#5388
Referee: Sram - Discord: Paul#4468
Referee: Morcha - Discord: morcha#2845
Referee: Somniatis - Discord: Maple#0929
Referee: Jox - Discord: JoX ツ#6969
Referee: Alchy - Discord: Marz Barz#6351

Twitch: Diyos - rubydaeli
Twitch: Morcha - Morchaa 
Twitch: Somniatis - Mapleminou
Twitch: Rag-doll - Mmovan
Youtube Gaming: Killer-Spirituel - KillerSpiritual

-Officially registered players will be listed at the bottom of this post. There is no fee to register.
-Register your character by posting on the thread here, or DM Amber#5839 on discord using the following format:
        (Nickname (/whois)), Character name, class, level

-1v1 format
-Lvl 170+
-No person may register on more than one character
-No subs
-No class changes are permitted following the start of the tournament
-No incarnations, candies/boosts of any kind
-Both players must check in with their assigned referee and wait to be cleared before beginning the fight
-All players must post screenshots of all fight results in the #screenshots channel on our discord
-Failure to follow the rules of this tournament results in disqualification
-Min: 8 players for this tournament, Max: 16 players
-This tournament will proceed with 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, or 20 players. Should we exceed 16 players or should we reach an odd number of players registered, the most recently registered player will be put on a waitlist in the event of a withdrawal or a no-show. 

-Players will be randomly matched in the first round using a random generator
-There will be no draws
-Players who are more than 10 minutes late will be considered forfeited
-You can access the Goult maps by walking through the orange zaap at [-6, -12]. Go right - this is where players will meet before each round to check in with their assigned referee
-Players must DM their assigned referees at least 15 mins before each round with a list of three maps they would like "banned" for that round. Players may be transported to the various maps by talking to the NPCs. Each player bans three maps, and the referee will randomly choose the fight map from the remaining maps using a random number generator.
-The final round will be played by the top 2 ranked players following fight ten and will be a best of three on up to three different maps
-If there's a tie for third place, those teams will do an additional match vs each other for 3rd
-Opponents will be decided each round by using a random generator. If two players are matched who fought against one another in the most previous round, the fights will be rerolled.
-We will be using the following point system to determine rankings for this tournament:
Win: 1 point
Lose/Forfeit: 0 points

1st place: 25mk and 3 mimisymbics
2nd place: 15mk and 3 mimisymbics
3rd place (according to rankings): 10mk and 3 mimisymbics

*In addition to 11mk in donations from our previous event…
Thank you to an anonymous donor for a donation of mimisymbics!
Thank you to Pikkofighter-x for a donation of 10mk! <3
Thank you to Mahon for a donation of 50mk! <3 10mk towards this tournament, 40mk towards next
If you’re interested in donating towards the prize pool or streaming, please contact Animuffin in game or Amber#5839 on discord (:

1. KillerSpritualYT, Killer-Spirituel, Sacrier, 200
2. johngreen, Assault, Rogue, 200
3. Exilatien, Peace, Rogue, 200
4. royal-blush, Rawfulz, Sram, 200
5. Toasterstoastoast, Barley-Maid, 200
6. Dubbed, Snips, Xelor, 200
7. -Idea-, Ich-Idea, Sac, 200
8. zipze, Profanity, Elio, 200
9. fuerfoa, Doom, Iop, 200
10. Marsstomper, Kikn, Enu, 200
11. Aaab44877, Tortura, Sacrier, 200
12. zachatt, Definitelynotzach, Fog, 200
13. iooplettics, Reapersaurus, Sadi, 200
14. Hallocity, Trize, Iop, 200
15. yougot-ownedby, Tezar, Hupper, 200
16. socoolsocool, Carebear103, Iop, 200
17. ajdgikdfabhfnk, Stonefox, Sac, 200
18. Invisiblah, Chems, Iop, 200
5 -1
First Ankama intervention

Thank you for organizing this event and it has been pinned!

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Thank you for organizing this event and it has been pinned!

Score : 976
UPDATE: A few changes have been made to the first post. The changes are listed below.
The schedule has been updated in detail to reflect the following:
 Rounds for each day will both be announced at the same time in order for participants to better prepare.
> The deadline for map bans has been changed to 3 hours prior to the first fight of the day. Map bans must be submitted by DM to your assigned referees by this deadline or you will forfeit your right to ban maps for that round. You can find all referees in the tournament discord, and we will be using a RNG bot in the #map-selection channel for full transparency.
> Matches may be delayed if a fight takes longer than an hour. Participants will be given ten minutes between matches to prepare their spells/sets for the next fight.

As a reminder, participants must join the tournament discord to submit fight results after each match in the #screenshots channel.

UPDATE: A few changes have been made to the first post. The changes are listed below.

Thank you Mahon for the event donation! 10mk has been added to the prize pool for this tournament and 40mk will be reserved for the next event.

Thanks to additional community members volunteering to referee the event, we've opened 4 more spots for this tournament. As such, Trize, Reapersaurus, Tezar, and Volkswagen have been moved from the waitlist to registered. 

Registration will officially close tomorrow at 23:00 DST and we will post your first and second matchups by 23:59. Participants must then DM their assigned referees with their list of banned maps by 16:00 and we will notify you on our tournament discord what maps you will be fighting on around 3 hours prior to the first fight of the day.ROUND ONE
Ich-Idea vs Kikn // Referee: Jox // map 4
Trize vs Carebear103 // Referee: Jox // map 3
Killer-Spirituel vs Tezar // Referee: Morcha // map 13
Profanity vs Peace // Referee: Morcha // map 16
Assault vs Doom // Referee: Animuffin // map 8
Chems vs Tortura // Referee: Animuffin // map 7
Snips vs Barley-Maid // Referee: Sram // map 6
Stonefox vs Rawfulz //  Referee: Sram // map 4
Definitelynotzach vs Reapersaurus // Referee: Sram // map 7

Peace vs Tortura // Referee: Jox // map 4
Tezar vs Rawfulz // Referee: Jox // map 16
Snips vs Carebear103 // Referee: Morcha // map 2
Barley-Maid vs Profanity // Referee: Morcha // map 12
Killer-Spirituel vs Chems // Referee: Animuffin // map 10
Reapersaurus vs Doom // Referee: Animuffin // map 6
Definitelynotzach vs Kikn // Referee: Sram // map 11
Assault vs Ich-Idea // Referee: Sram // map 14
Trize vs Stonefox // Referee: Sram // map 8

@Participants You may submit your map bans for each fight by DM to your assigned referees anytime between now and 16:00 Saturday using the following format: 
Round one vs [opponent]: #, #, # 
Round two vs [opponent]: #, #, # 

Your referees will let you know what map you'll be fighting on by 16:00 tomorrow. If you choose not to submit your map bans, we'll proceed with randomizing your selected map using only your opponents map bans. This will be done using a RNG bot in the #map-selection channel. See you tomorrow!

Carebear103 2
Killer-Spirituel 2
Profanity 2
Assault 2
Tortura 2
Rawfulz 2
Kikn 2
DefinitelynotZach 1
Trize 1
Snips 1
Tezar 0
Peace 0
Doom 0
Chems 0
Barley-Maid 0
Stonefox 0
Reapersaurus 0
Ich-Idea 0

Carebear103 v Killer-Spirituel // Referee: Jox
Definitelynotzach v Chems // Referee: Jox
Kikn v Peace // Referee: Morcha
Assault v Snips // Referee: Animuffin
Profanity v Tortura // Referee: Animuffin
Doom v Tezar // Referee: Animuffin
Reapersaurus v Rawfulz // Referee: Bootiful
Barley-Maid v Stonefox // Referee: Bootiful
Trize v Ich-Idea // Referee: Sram

Profanity v Ich-Idea // Referee: Jox
Tortura v Reapersaurus // Referee: Jox
Stonefox v Killer-Spirituel // Referee: Morcha
Barley-Maid v Carebear103 // Referee: Animuffin
Assault v Doom // Referee: Animuffin
Definitelynotzach v Rawfulz // Referee: Animuffin
Snips v Peace // Referee: Bootiful
Tezar v Chems // Referee: Bootiful
Kikn v Trize // Referee: Sram

You may begin submitting your map bans by DMing your assigned referees. The deadline to submit your banned maps is 16:00. Good luck @Participants ! (:

Killer-Spirituel v Snips // Referee: Jox // map 14
Stonefox v Chems // Referee: Jox // map 8
Barley-Maid v Definitelynotzach // Referee: Morcha // map 14
Tezar v Carebear103 // Referee: Morcha
Tortura v Assault // Referee: Animuffin // map 6
Peace v Doom // Referee: Animuffin // map 15
Ich-Idea v Rawfulz // Referee: Animuffin // map 3
Profanity v Trize // Referee: Somniatis // map 16
Reapersaurus v Kikn // Referee: Somniatis // map 10

Trize v Killer-Spirituel // Referee: Jox // map 12
Tortura v Stonefox // Referee: Jox // map 1 
Barley-Maid v Kikn // Referee: Morcha // map 4
Ich-Idea v Doom // Referee: Morcha // map 4
Rawfulz v Assault // Referee: Animuffin // map 9
Profanity v Tezar // Referee: Animuffin // map 17
Snips v Chems // Referee: Animuffin //map 7
Peace v Definitelynotzach // Referee: Somniatis // map 10
Carebear103 v Reapersaurus // Referee: Somniatis // map 7

Killer-Spirituel v Tortura // map 9 // Animuffin
Assault v Stonefox // map 11 // Animuffin
Peace v Reapersaurus // map 12 // Morcha
Rawfulz v Carebear103 // map 5 // Animuffin
Barley-Maid v Chems // map 16 // Jox
Snips v Tezar // map 16 // Morcha
Ich-Idea v Definitelynotzach // map 2 //Morcha
Profanity v Doom // map 5 // Jox
Kikn v Trize // map 8 // Jox

Killer-Spirituel v Ich-Idea // map 4 // Animuffin 
Assault v Definitelynotzach // map 11 // Animuffin 
Peace v Trize // map 1 // Morcha
Rawfulz v Snips // map 13 // Morcha
Barley-Maid v Tortura // map 11 // Morcha 
Profanity v Reapersaurus // map 11 //Jox
Doom v Chems // map 15 // Animuffin 
Kikn v Tezar // map 15 // Jox
Carebear103 v Stonefox // map 13 // Jox

Tezar and Definitelynotzach are unable to continue participating in the tournament and have been removed from the brackets.

Carebear103 8
Tortura 7
Assault 7
Rawfulz 6
Kikn 6
Killer-Spirituel 6
Peace 6
Profanity 5
Trize 4
Snips 3
Barley-Maid 3
Tezar 2
DefinitelynotZach 2
Stonefox 2
Ich-Idea 2
Doom 2
Chems 0
Reapersaurus 0

Reapersaurus v Chems
Killer-Spirituel v Doom
Assault v Barley-Maid
Peace v Stonefox
Rawfulz v Profanity
Snips v Trize
Ich-Idea v Carebear103
Kikn v Tortura

Killer-Spirituel v Rawfulz
Assault v Carebear103
Peace v Barley-Maid
Snips v Kikn
Profanity v Chems
Doom v Stonefox
Tortura v Trize
Ich-Idea v Reapersaurus

UPDATE: #rankings have been updated and we have a three way tie for first place: Assault, Tortura, and Carebear103. The referees discussed this and decided that the top 4 participants will be moving on to the finals tomorrow. That means that @Killer-Spirituel  will be fighting @Peace  for fourth place - the winner of this fight will be moving on to the finals tomorrow along with Assault, Tortura, and Carebear103. Please try to complete your fight as soon as possible so we can post matchups for tomorrow.

Finals for the Echo Smackdown will be tomorrow at 19:00 - see you then!

As always, thank you so much everyone for participating. We had a lot of fun! Thank you very much to all of the referees and streamers for running this event, our wonderful donors for sponsoring the prizes, and Manaia for helping us celebrate the finale.

Congratulations to the winners of Echo Smackdown! 
In first place: Killer-Spirituel
In second place: Tortura
In third place: Assault
In fourth place: Carebear103
Missed the finale? Watch the full twitch broadcast here
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