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By fairygoddess - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 21, 2018, 23:41:25
Echominator is a server-wide pvp tournament that is open to everyone - looking forward to seeing some new and some returning faces! You may register for the event any time between now and Friday June 1st at 23:00DST.
Tldr;; 4v4 pvp tournament starting Saturday June 2nd, registration closes Friday the 1st 
Click here to visit the ImpsVillage thread

Click here to join
#announcements - brackets assigned referees, and important updates
#rules - a copy of all tournament rules and information
#general - general chatter
#team-search - looking for a team? Post here!
#registered-teams - officially registered teams will be listed here
#map-selection - map selection will be done here using an RNG bot for transparency
#screenshots - team captains are required to post all fight results here
#rankings - current standing for all teams will be frequently updated here
#prize-pool - a log of all donations and entry fees
#now-live - notifications when tournament streamers go live

Animuffin - Discord: Amber#5839 
Morcha - Discord: morcha#2845
Kikn - Discord: Rob#2490
Bootiful - Discord: Bootiful#5388
Jodx - Discord: Jodx#2408
Fravanlan - Discord: Fravanlan#3141
Jox - Discord: JoX ツ#6969

Twitch: Morcha - morchaa
Twitch: Somniatis - mapleminou
Twitch: Diyos - diyos1
Youtube Gaming: Killer-Spirituel - KillerSpiritual
If you’re interested in being added as a streamer, please contact a referee!

  • *Matches may be delayed if a fight takes longer than 1 hour. Teams will be given at least ten minutes for preparation between fights.

  • Officially registered teams will be listed at the end of this post.
  • Min: 8 teams, Max: 16 teams
  • Should we exceed 16 teams or should we reach an odd number of teams registered, the most recently registered player will be put on a waitlist in the event of a withdrawal or a no-show during the first fight.
  • Team captains are responsible for submitting map bans by DM to Morcha or Animuffin on discord and are responsible for posting screenshots of all fight results in the #screenshots channel on our discord
  • A registration fee of 500kk/person or 2mk/team will be collected and put towards the prize pool. This fee must be paid by the end of the registration period and will only be collected by “Animuffin” or “Morcha”. We will not be collecting registration fees on any other characters or alts. This fee will be returned if a team withdraws prior to the end of the registration period.
  • Register your character by posting on the thread here, or DM Amber#5839 on discord using the following format:
    Team Name (Must abide by ToS)
    Team Captain: (Nickname (/whois)), Character name, class, level
    (Nickname (/whois)), Character name, class, level
    (Nickname (/whois)), Character name, class, level
    (Nickname (/whois)), Character name, class, level

  • Teams will be composed of one pillar maximum
  • Pillars for this tournament include Eni, Sac, Osa, Xelor, Feca
  • The following class pairings are forbidden: Eni/Ougi, Feca/Masq
  • No duplicate classes

  • 4v4 format
  • Lvl 190+
  • Multi-accounting is permitted but you are encouraged to register with friends
  • No person may be on more than one team
  • Subs of the same class are permitted. Please make an effort to notify a referee of a sub prior to your fight. A minimum of one person in every fight must be an officially registered player.
  • No class changes are permitted following the start of the tournament
  • No incarnations, candies/boosts of any kind
  • Spectator mode must be turned on for all tournament matches
  • Both teams must check in with their assigned referee and wait to be cleared before beginning the fight
  • Map bans for both of the day's rounds must be submitted by DM to assigned referees by the team captain on discord two hours before the first fight of the day, or you'll lose the opportunity to ban maps for that day
  • If a character leaves during a fight (d/cing is not leaving) the team automatically loses
  • Failure to post fight results in the #screenshots channel following a warning may result in a 5 point deduction per offense
  • Failure to follow the rules of this tournament results in disqualification
  • Failure to abide by Dofus’s ToS results in disqualification

  • Repeated disrespect or toxicity towards any other team, participant, streamer, or referee may result in disqualification with or without warning
  • Teams will be randomly matched in the first two rounds using a random number generator. From thereon, matchups will be decided according to current rankings.
  • There will be no draws
  • Teams who are more than 10 minutes late will be considered forfeited
  • Alternate times may be arranged if and only if the other team is contacted prior to the fight and both parties agree - a referee must then be contacted for approval
  • You can access the Goult maps by walking through the orange zaap at [-6, -12]. Go right - this is where players will meet before each round to check in with their assigned referee
  • Team captains must DM Morcha or Animuffin 2 hours before the first fight of the day with a list of three maps they would like "banned" for each fight that day. The maps do not have to be the same for both fights.
  • Players may be transported to the various maps by talking to the NPCs. Each team captain bans three maps, and the referee will randomly choose the fight map from the remaining maps using a random number generator.
  • The final round will be a best of three on up to three different maps
  • We will be using the following point system to determine rankings for this tournament:
  • *Should a team be missing a member and fail to find a substitute, they may choose to fight their match with an incomplete team. Forfeits will be counted as -20 points
Following the eighth qualifier roundthe top eight teams will be assigned to a single elimination bracket according to their rank number.

  • All kama rewards will be divided evenly among all registered members of the winning team
  • 1st place: 50% of donations and entry fees, battler item* for each player on the winning team (click here for more info) and a single player on the winning team with the most kills in the final 3 matches will earn the "Event Winners" title on ImpsVillage (unless you're banned) (:
  • *Note: Battler item prizes may only be issued to registered players and not subs
  • 2nd place: 30% of donations and entry fees
  • 3rd place (according to rankings): 20% of donations and entry fees

  • Thank you to Mahon for a donation of 50mk! <3 40mk towards Echominator, 10mk towards Echo Smackdown
  • Thank you to Stalamuerte for a donation of 10mk! <3
  • Thank you to Arbitur for a donation of 5mk! <3
  • Thank you to an anonymous donor for a donation of 90mk! <3 29mk towards Echominator, 61mk towards next event
  • Thank you to an anonymous donor for a donation of 5mk! <3 and another 5mk towards next event

1. Unique 
    Team Captain: (Aaab44877), Tortura, Sacrieur, 200
    (Admiral-AoKiji), Stalamuerte, Sram, 200
    (minonji), Minonji, Cra, 200
    (696958489), Konnichiwa, Enu, 200
2. Guy Chill 
    Team Captain: (zipze), Profanity, Elio, 200
    (calzaM), Peace-alt, Sadi, 200
    (Exilatien), Peace, Rogue, 200
    (santaclauses), Krispies, Eni, 200
3. KAJA 
    Team Captain: (KillerSpritualYT), Killer-Spirituel, Sacrier, 200
    (socool-socool), Carebear103, Iop, 200
    (Spartas-alt), Iloveemerald, Pandawa, 200
    (Yop-Spritual), Netflix-and-Chill, Foggernaut, 200
4. Noobi-Gang
    Team Captain : (abc-deine-mutter-steckt-im-d), Baerchen355, Sadida, 200 
    (355-cra), Fst-Archer, Cra, 200
    (ChickFlickMan), Hachibi, Eni, 200
    (shedosoflight), Fujitora-[Neh], Rogue, 200
5. Defi's Mum
    Team Captain:  (HowToWaste5Euro), Sram, Sram, 200
    (Dubbed), Snips, Xelor, 200
    (mapleminou), Somniatis, Panda, 200
    (johngreen), Test-Your-Might, Rogue, 200
6. To Infinity and Beyond
    Team Captain: (alienp), Silveio, Pandawa, 200
    (nsnssnsn), Azuram, Masq, 200
    (shanu2012), Flaming-desire, Eni, 200
    (Eu-sou-eu-mesmo), The-Skotter, Iop, 200
7. Recnac
    Team Captain: (Enutrofz), Defuse, Rogue, 200
    (Enfant), Enfant, Eniripsa, 200
    (julienonziemedunom), Iopekan, Iop, 200
    (julienhuitiemedunom), Enureuil, Enu, 200
8. FD - The team [DISQUALIFIED] 
    Team Captain: (matrix4342010), Fd-drunk, Sadida, 200
    (Zozo5), Tiredness, Enutrof, 200
    (AllSeeingEye1), Spike, Osamodas, 200
    (NEW529), Narazaki, Pandawa, 200
9. Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electric Boogaloo 
    Team Captain: (sparkylucky), Ryu-roo, Osa, 200
    (seanshepherd), Dr-Ayelid, Fogger, 200
    (Olisaurus), Ryoz, Iop, 200
    (Unexplained), Quoris, Masq, 200
10. Concilliare 
    Team Captain: (Hallocity), Trize, Iop, 200
    (Lucariofan), Crash, Eca, 200
    (Biased187), Likey-Likey, Enu, 200
    (TeamElo-Hupper), Elocence, Sac, 200
    Team Captain: (ihopeitworks), Full-Benef, Sram, 200
    (Mein-Twink), Douner,  Iop, 200
    (younglilxan), Araziel, Feca, 200
    (kgucvkghcu), Otheon, Enu, 200
12. Junior Varsity
    Team Captain: (pacemlee), Arbitur, Iop, 200
    (OldDoggy), Santoris, Eca, 200
    (GettinFriiiied), Nuovo-Renascimento, Masq, 200
    (Ninjene), Nuovo-Vivi, Huppermage, 200

ROUND ONE:Guy Chill v Junior Varsity // Animuffin // map 1
Noobi-Gang v KAJA // Animuffin // map 13
Unique v Recnac // Morcha // map 4
To Infinity and Beyond v Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electric Boogaloo // Morcha // map 4
Concilliare  v FD - The team  // Fravanlan // map 9
Defi's Mum v BLNFFM // Fravanlan // map 7

Guy Chill v Concilliare // Animuffin // map 5 
Noobi-Gang v FD - The team // Animuffin // map 9
Unique v To Infinity and Beyond //  Morcha // map 7
Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electric Boogaloo  v KAJA // Morcha // map 11
Defi's Mum v Recnac // Fravanlan // map 7  
BLNFFM v Junior Varsity // Fravanlan // map 15

Participants  , please plan to arrive at the Goult arenas, through the zaap and one map to the right, by 18:50 to allow adequate time for Captains  to check in with your assigned referee. Once both teams are checked in, you can go to your assigned map and begin your fight. Remember to post a screenshot of fight results in the screenshots  channel after each fight.

Defi's Mum v To Infinity and Beyond
KAJA v Unique
Guy Chill v  FD - The Team
Concilliare v Junior Varsity 
Recnac v Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electric Boogaloo
Noobi-Gang v BLNFFM

KAJA v FD - The Team
Unique v Concilliare
Recnac v To Infinity and Beyond
Defi's Mum v Guy Chill
BLNFFM v Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electric Boogaloo
Noobi-Gang v Junior Varsity Hello @Participants , current standing has been updated in #rankings . @Captains please DM your map bans by 16:00 to @morcha#2845 or myself. Good job today! Don't worry if your standing isn't where you want it to be, you still have many matches to recover.
*Note: Opponents for round three were based on current standing from round one. Opponents for round four were based on current standing from round two. Any changes that were made were to avoid the same teams fighting again.

KAJA 180
FD - The Team 170
Concilliare 135
Unique 125
Recnac 125
Defi's Mum 110
To Infinity and Beyond 85
Guy Chill 70
Noobi-Gang 25
Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electric Boogaloo 15
Junior Varsity -10

You have a break until next Saturday! We'll be announcing your opponents by Wednesday at the latest. Have a great week! Please feel free to contact referees if you have any questions regarding the tournament. One match for round four is currently pending, points will be updated as soon as it is complete. 

FD - The Team 230
Concilliare 195
KAJA 185
Recnac 185
Defi's Mum 160
Unique 130
To Infinity and Beyond 90
Guy Chill 85
Noobi-Gang 85
Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electric Boogaloo 30
Junior Varsity -30

Hello @Participants - the referees have removed one inactive team and one team that requested to withdraw from the tournament. Rounds five and six have been rematched in order to prevent free wins. These are your final matchups for rounds five and six, and this will not be changed. Map bans may be submitted to @Morcha or myself by 16:00 on Saturday. 

KAJA v Recnac 
Unique v FD - The Team 
BLNFFM v Defi's Mum 
To Infinity and Beyond v Guy Chill 
Noobi-Gang v Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electric Boogaloo 

FD - The Team v Recnac 
Defi's Mum v Unique 
To Infinity and Beyond v Noobi-Gang 
Guy Chill v Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electric Boogaloo

FD - The Team 275
Recnac 235
Defi's Mum 220
KAJA 200
Unique 150
To Infinity and Beyond 150
Guy Chill 90
Noobi-Gang 90
Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electric Boogaloo 90

FD - The Team 325
KAJA 260
Recnac 250
Defi's Mum 235
To Infinity and Beyond 210
Unique 200
Guy Chill 150
Noobi-Gang 95
Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electric Boogaloo 95

@Participants map bans are due by 16:00. Tomorrow is the last day of qualifiers before we move on to the single elimination bracket - if you're in the bottom, you're fighting to qualify. If you're in the top, you're fighting for a better position in the bracket. Good luck everyone! (:

FD - The Team v Defi's Mum // Animuffin  // map 9
Recnac v BLNFFM // Kikn // map 5 
KAJA v To Infinity and Beyond // Morcha // map 8 
Guy Chill v Noobi-Gang // Jodx // map 17 
Unique v Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electric Boogaloo // Animuffin // map 4 

FD - The Team v To Infinity and Beyond // Animuffin // map 9
KAJA v Defi's Mum // Animuffin // map 8
Recnac v Unique // Morcha // map 14
BLNFFM v Guy Chill // Kikn // map 2
Noobi-Gang v Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electric Boogaloo // Jodx // map 13

FD - The Team 385
KAJA 320
Recnac 310
Unique 260
Defi's Mum 240
To Infinity and Beyond 215
Guy Chill 210
Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electric Boogaloo 100
Noobi-Gang 75

FD - The Team 445
KAJA 380
Unique 320
Recnac 315
Guy Chill 270
Defi's Mum 245
To Infinity and Beyond 220
Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electric Boogaloo 160
Noobi-Gang 55

1. FD - The Team 
2. KAJA 
3. Unique 
4. Recnac 
5. Guy Chill 
6. Defi's Mum 
7. To Infinity and Beyond 
8. Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electric Boogaloo

Congratulations to our final eight teams! Map bans for the quarter and semifinals may be submitted anytime between now and 16:00 Saturday the 16th.

SATURDAY the 16th:
Quarter finals 19:00
Semifinals 20:00

SUNDAY the 17th:
Third place fight 19:00
Finals (BO3) 20:00
FD - The Team v Ryu on Ice Season 2: Electroc Boogaloo // map 13 // Animuffin
Recnac v Guy Chill // map 10 // Morcha
KAJA v To Infinity and Beyond // map 17 // Jodx
Defi’s Mum v Unique // map 10 // Jox

KAJA v Unique // map 15 // Jox
FD - The Team v Recnac // map 9 // Morcha

FD - The Team has been disqualified for toxicity and disrespect towards other players and referees. Guy Chill will be taking their place in the third place fight tomorrow.

Congratulations @Finalists ! Please submit your map bans by 16:00 to myself or @Morcha . Ban three maps and we will roll three maps from what remains. Congratulations to the teams advancing to the third place fight! Please submit your bans by 16:00 as well @Proforfeity @Tortura Good luck tomorrow everyone!

Defi's Mum will be replacing Guy Chill because they are unable to make it. Their match will be on map 17.
Unique v Defi's Mum // map 17 // Animuffin
KAJA v Recnac // map 16, 10, 13 // Morcha

Congratulations Unique for placing third in Echominator! Prizes will be distributed at the conclusion of the event. The finals will be beginning soon. It'll be a best of three, with the first match on map A XVI. We'll be heading over there now.
Round two for the finals of Echominator is going on now at Goult map A X! 
The final round will be starting shortly on map 13

Thank you to our @Participants for participating, and @Referees for all of the time and energy that you invested in this tournament. And, as always, thank you so very much to all of our wonderful donors for sponsoring the prize pool for this tournament and for all events, we are so so grateful <3

Congratulations to the champions of Echominator, team KAJA! And congratulations to the members of Recnac for placing second! You both were incredible. We will contact the CM about the results of the tournament for your battler shields to be issued.
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