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Echo Tournaments Season One [TOURNAMENT]

By fairygoddess - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 23, 2018, 21:10:41
Echo Tournaments Season 1
Echo Tournaments are a series of server-wide pvp tournaments that are open to everyone - looking forward to seeing some new and some returning faces! You may register for the event any time between now and Thursday November 1st at 23:00DST.
Tldr;; 3v3 pvp tournament starting Saturday Nov 10, registration closes Thursday the 8th 

I. Discord
II. Organisers
1. Referees
2. Streamers
III. Schedule
IV. Registration
V. Team Composition
VI. Rules
VII. Tournament System
VIII. Rewards
IX. Donations
X. Registered Teams

I. Discord
Click here to join
#announcements - brackets, assigned referees, and important updates
#rules - a copy of all tournament rules, schedules, and information
#general - general chatter
#team-search - looking for a team? Post here!
#registered-teams - officially registered teams will be listed here
#(yourteamname) - a private channel for your team and referees to communicate and ban maps
#fight-selection - map and matchup selection will be done here using an RNG bot
#screenshots - team captains are required to post all fight results here
#rankings - current standing for all teams will be frequently updated here
#prize-pool - a log of all donations and entry fees
#now-live - notifications when tournament streamers go live

II. Organisers

  • Animuffin - Discord: Amber#5839
  • Jox - Discord: JoX#6969
  • Tesseract - Discord: Tesseract#5281
  • Pagonis - Discord: Pagonis / Andrius#7699
  • Ouest - Discord: Ouest#0093?
  • Omega-Applepie - Discord: Omega-Applepie#0068
  • Profanity - Discord: Iplayprofanity#0157
  • Kenjamin - Discord: Kurama#6970
  • Sram - Discord: Paul#4468
  • Twitch: Morcha - morchaa
  • Twitch: Tesseract - tesseract_tv
  • Twitch: Somniatis - mapleminou
  • Twitch: Ouest - Ouestu
  • Twitch: Diyos - diyos1
  • Youtube Gaming: Killer-Spirituel - KillerSpiritual
If you’re interested in being added as a streamer, please contact a referee!

III. Schedule

*All times shown are in Dofus Universal Time (GMT+1). Type /time for the current time in game.
**Matches may be delayed if a fight takes longer than 1 hour. Teams will be given at least ten minutes for preparation between fights.

IV. Registration
-Officially registered teams will be listed in the second post of this thread.
-Min: 8 teams, Max: N/A
-Should we reach an odd number of teams registered, the most recently registered player will be put on a waitlist in the event of a withdrawal or a no-show during the first fight. 
-Team captains are responsible for submitting map bans via their team channel discord and are responsible for posting screenshots of all fight results in the #screenshots channel on our discord
-A registration fee of 500kk/person or 1.5mk/team will be collected and put towards the prize pool. This fee must be paid by the end of the registration period and will only be collected by “Animuffin” or “Morcha”. We will not be collecting registration fees on any other characters or alts. This fee will be returned if a team withdraws prior to the end of the registration period.
-Register your character by posting on the thread here, or DM Amber#5839 on discord using the following format:
    Team Name (Must abide by ToS)
    Team Captain: (Nickname (/whois)), Character name, class, level
    (Nickname (/whois)), Character name, class, level
    (Nickname (/whois)), Character name, class, level

V. Team Composition
-3v3 format
-Lvl 190+
-No duplicate classes
-Subs of the same class are permitted. Please make an effort to notify a referee prior to your fight. A minimum of one person in every fight must be part of the officially registered team

Your team cannot contain more than one class from this list:

The following class pairings are not permitted:

VI. Rules
-Multi-accounting is permitted but you are encouraged to register with friends
-No person may be on more than one team
-No class changes are permitted following the start of the tournament
-No incarnations, candies/boosts of any kind
-Spectator mode must be turned on for all tournament matches
-Both teams must check in with their assigned referee and wait to be cleared before beginning the fight
-Map bans for both of the day's rounds must be submitted by DM to assigned referees by the team captain on discord two hours before the first fight of the day, or you'll lose the opportunity to ban maps for that day
-If a character leaves during a fight (d/cing is not leaving) the team automatically loses
-Failure to post fight results in the #screenshots channel following a warning may result in a 5 point deduction per offense
-Failure to follow the rules of this tournament results in disqualification
-Failure to abide by Dofus’s ToS results in disqualification
-Repeated disrespect or toxicity towards any other team, participant, streamer, or referee may result in disqualification with or without warning and your entry fee will be considered a donation.

VII. Tournament System
-Teams will compete in 8 qualifying rounds for points (detailed below). At the conclusion of the 8th round, the 8 teams with the highest scores will be assorted into a simple elimination bracket (pictured below)
-Teams will be randomly matched in each round using a random number generator in the #fight-selection channel in the discord server. Teams will not fight the same opponents more than once per weekend
-There will be no draws
-Teams who are more than 10 minutes late will be considered forfeited
-Alternate times may be arranged if and only if the other team is contacted prior to the fight and both parties agree - a referee must then be contacted for approval
-You can access the Goult maps by walking through the orange zaap at [-6, -12]. Go right - this is where players will meet before each round to check in with their assigned referee
-Team captains must post in their team channel 2 hours prior to the first fight of the day with a list of three maps they would like "banned" for each fight that day. The maps do not have to be the same for both fights.
-Players may be transported to the various maps by talking to the NPCs. Each team captain bans three maps, and a referee will randomly choose the fight map from the remaining maps using a random number generator.
-The final round will be a best of three on up to three different maps
-Teams eliminated in the semifinals will fight for third place in the consolation bracket
-We will be using the following point system to determine rankings for this tournament:

*Should a team be missing a member and fail to find a substitute, they may choose to fight their match with an incomplete team. Forfeits will be counted as -10 points

Following the eighth qualifier round, the top eight teams will be assigned to a single elimination bracket according to their rank number.

VIII. Rewards
*All kama rewards will be divided evenly among all registered members of the winning team
*Note: Battler item prizes may only be issued to registered players and not subs
  • 1st place: 50% of donations and entry fees, battler item* for each player on the winning team if and only if all requirements have been met  (click here for more info), one Generation 3 Rhineetle per player
  • 2nd place: 30% of donations and entry fees, one generation 2 Rhineetle per player
  • 3rd place: 20% of donations and entry fees, one generation 1 Rhineetle per player

IX. Donations
  • Thank you to Kill-master for a donation of 15mk! <3
  • Thank you to Teufelus for a donation of 5mk! <3
  • Thank you to an anonymous donor for a donation of 20mk! <3
  • Thank you to Shin-dei-ru for a donation of 2mk! <3
  • Thank you to Dofus Reflex for a donation of 1,000,069k! <3
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Score : -134

Amazing work <3

2 -3
Score : 77


2 0
Score : 45


2 0
Score : 976
KillerSpritualYT, Starfoula, Sadida, 200
carbonj, Saix, Sacrier, 200
royal-blush, Rawfulz, Eliotrope, 200

Nice Boonax
amoory, Rikumaru, Sacrier, 200
ArRaDa, Teign, Eca, 200
zeeuuuzzzz, Lil-sleep, Pandawa, 200 

Enutrofz, Batailleur, Eniripsa, 200
Lebronjamesneufdeux, Saudades, Ecaflip, 200
bvriurevb, Ace-dece, Eliotrope, 200

J'ai piqué ton marj
fuerfoa, Doom, Iop, 200
Leginos, Masqui, Mask, 200
Live2Own, Dravite, Eca, 200

aaaB44877, Tortura, Sacrier, 200
Minonji, Minonji, Cra, 200
rembooo, Tortutreant, Sadida, 200

Jai cassé mon clavier
Thyha, Virovo, Enutrof, 200
iraepall, Raep, Eniripsa, 200
KennyTrk, Rukai, Eca, 200

tromitaaar, Lilmeowmeow, Ecaflip, 200
younglilxan, Araziel, Feca, 200
Lipton2, Teufelus, Osamosas, 200

Mafiyatje, Millenium, Rogue, 200
ecuador-eni, Creator, Cra, 200
sir-keese-freak, Tresillo, Sacrier, 200

Hallocity, Trize, Iop, 200
l2awInstinct, Raw-Instinct, Panda, 200
finndeluxe, Kamula, Eliotrope, 200

Crastorama, Morcha, Cra, 200
Pamparampa, Phantamare, Panda, 200
Giso-shot, Morcha-Arrow, Enutrof, 200


Unique v KAJA
Viol v Conciliare
J'ai piqué ton marj v Nice Boonax 
Jai cassé mon clavier v Underdogs
KAJA v J'ai piqué ton marj
Nice Boonax v Underdogs
Nabila v Jai cassé mon clavier
Unique v Conciliare

 Matchups have been posted for rounds one and two scheduled for this Saturday. The deadline to submit your map bans is 6:00 Saturday. As mentioned in the thread, team @Captains may "ban" up to 3 maps for each fight in your respective team chats. As soon as both teams have banned maps (or the deadline has been met), referees will use an RNG with the remaining maps to decide what map you'll be fighting on in #match-selection . If for any reason you are unable to make a fight time, you can either contact your opponents and request to reschedule some time before next weekend, or have a sub of the same class fill in for you - then ask a referee if they are free to spectate at that time. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a message in your team chat. Good luck teams!

Less than 3 hours remaining to submit your map bans for round one and round two @Captains ! Screenshots/starting positions of all maps have been posted in #maps  and your bans should be submitted via your team channel. Maps will be rolled beginning at 6:00 AM Dofus time. 
For those who need further clarification:
Teams can submit up to three different map numbers per round that they don't want to fight on. For example, if you're fighting a ranged team comp, you might want to ban maps 13, 16, and 17. Let's say your opponents banned 1, 2, and 13. We'd use a RNG bot to roll a number between 1-17 to decide your map and reroll until we get something different from 1, 2, 13, 16, 17. Submitting map bans is not required but it is to your advantage. Please feel free to contact a ref with any questions.

@Participants your referees for today are as follows. Good luck!

Unique v KAJA - Map 11 - Jox
Viol v Conciliare - Map 7 - DELAYED, Animuffin 23:00
J'ai piqué ton marj v Nice Boonax - Map 5 - Kenjamin
Jai cassé mon clavier v Underdogs - Map 4 - Sram

KAJA v J'ai piqué ton marj - Map 6 - Jox
Nice Boonax v Underdogs - Map 11 - Kenjamin
Nabila v Jai cassé mon clavier - Map 4 - DONE
Viol v HEJO FEDORA FAMILY - Map 10- Omega-applepie
Unique v Conciliare - Map 1 - Animuffin

KAJA - 60
Nabila - 60
Nice Boonax - 60
Viol - 60
Underdogs - 45
Jai cassé mon clavier - 15
Unique - 5
J'ai piqué ton marj - 5
Conciliare - 5

KAJA - 120
Nabila - 120
Nice Boonax - 120
Viol - 120
Unique - 65
Underdogs - 50
Jai cassé mon clavier - 20
Conciliare - 10
J'ai piqué ton marj -  -5

@Participants see you tomorrow at 19:00/20:00 for rounds three and four! Map bans are due by 6:00 Sunday @Captains 

Round 3
KAJA v Viol - Map 3
Nice Boonax v Nabila - Map 2
Unique v Underdogs - Map 13
Jai cassé mon clavier v HEJO FEDORA FAMILY - Map 17
J'ai piqué ton marj v Concilliare - Map 4

Round 4
KAJA v Nabila - Map 13
Nice Boonax v Unique - Map 2
Jai cassé mon clavier v Viol - Map 17
J'ai piqué ton marj v HEJO FEDORA FAMILY - Map 15
Underdogs v Concilliare - Map 16

Viol - 180
Nabila - 180
KAJA - 125
Unique - 125
Nice Boonax - 125
Jai cassé mon clavier - 80
Underdogs - 55
J'ai piqué ton marj -  55
Conciliare - withdrawn
Nabila - 240
Viol - 185
Unique - 185
Jai cassé mon clavier - 140
KAJA - 130
Nice Boonax - 130
Underdogs - 115
J'ai piqué ton marj -  115
Conciliare - withdrawn

Round 5

J'ai piqué ton marj v Nabila
Unique v Viol
Nice Boonax v KAJA
Jai cassé mon clavier v Concilliare [withdrawn]

Round 6
Viol v J'ai piqué ton marj
KAJA v Underdogs
HEJO FEDORA FAMILY v Concilliare [withdrawn]
Nice Boonax v Jai cassé mon clavier
Nabila v Unique

@Participants Matchups for rounds 5/6 are posted above. @Captains the deadline to submit map bans for rounds 5/6 is Saturday at 6:00 DUT. See you next weekend!

Round 5
J'ai piqué ton marj v Nabila - Map 10 - Jox
Unique [withdrawn] v Viol
Underdogs v HEJO FEDORA FAMILY - Map 12 - Flaming-desire
Nice Boonax v KAJA - Map 16 - Kenjamin
Jai cassé mon clavier v Concilliare [withdrawn]

Round 6
Viol v J'ai piqué ton marj - Map 9 - Jox
KAJA v Underdogs - Map 11 - Flaming-desire
HEJO FEDORA FAMILY v Concilliare [withdrawn]
Nice Boonax v Jai cassé mon clavier - Map 8 - Kenjamin
Nabila v Unique [withdrawn]
Referees and maps are posted above. Good luck!
1 0
Score : 17

Round 7
Concilliare(withdrawn) v KAJA
HEJO FEDORA FAMILY v Unique(withdrawn)
Nice Boonax v Viol
Jai cassé mon clavier v J'ai piqué ton marj
Nabila v Underdogs

Round 8
Concilliare(withdrawn) v Nabila
KAJA v Jai cassé mon clavier
Unique(withdrawn) v J'ai piqué ton marj
Viol v Underdogs

Matchups for rounds 7/8 are posted above. the deadline to submit map bans for rounds 5/6 is Sunday at 12:00 DUT.

0 0
Score : 976

@Participants The bracket for tomorrow has been posted below - remember you will be fighting a second match tomorrow after winners from the first round have been decided. Because of this, we ask that teams complete their matches according to the official schedule times. The deadline to submit map bans has been extended to 13:00 Saturday DUT. See you tomorrow!

Nabila v Hejo Fedora Family
Kaja v Unique 
Viol v Underdogs
Nice Boonax v J'ai piqué ton marj


Unique v Viol 
 CHAMPIONSHIP 20:00 (best of three)
Nice Boonax v Nabila
  @Unique @Viol  Reminder that map bans are due by 13:00 Sunday. @Finalists Ban 3 maps and we'll roll three - you'll begin immediately after the third place fight. Good luck!

The finals have been postponed until further notice.

UPDATE: The finals of Echo Tournaments S1, Nice Boonax v Nabila, is scheduled to begin  at 21:00 DUT (roughly 30 mins).
Match 1: Map 6
Match 2: Map 4
Match 4: Map 7
See you then @everyone !

Congratulations to our tournament @Champions , Nabila! Prizes for our top three teams have been distributed, and battler items for our winning team will be distributed by the CM in the coming days. Any future events will be advertised on this server, but in the meantime please feel free to use this server to chat with others. Thank you for participating!
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