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Echo's Wednesday Scuffle PvP Tournament [Finished]

By Master-Man-#2942 - SUBSCRIBER - October 29, 2021, 16:08:36
Echo's Wednesday Scuffle a new PvP tournament held on Echo with Echo players. It will be organized by Nomaj (ShiningDarkness#2231), Xubatihetwo (Master-Man#2942) and Sjenko (Zooropa#9212) We are planning to organize a day-long, bi-weekly 3v3 tournament every other Wednesday on Echo, open to everybody. All of us enjoy PvP and wanted to bring some more competitive PvP Action to an otherwise currently stagnating Server!
TLDR What u need to know:
- The 1. Tournament will start on November 10th
- Every other week on Wednesday
- Tournament done in a day - open to everybody
- Multilog allowed
-Sign up via Discord:
Rules: (Subject for change in the coming tournaments, if e.g. a certain comp dominates)
- The Eniripsa class is banned to allow for more variety
- 3v3 tournament
- No duplicate classes
- Everything else is allowed team comp wise
- Class Items banned
- Everything else (Legendary Pets, Items, Prytekts) allowed
- A team that wins an event can not play the same team comp for the next 2 upcoming tournaments (everyone else can though) We wanted to keep the entry barrier as low as possible so everyone can join that actually wants to, so almost all things are allowed. Most fights will also be streamed by the listed streamers below:
- Registrations are opened 2 Days in advance of each tournament (aka the Monday before) - Registrations are done via the "Registrations chat in the discord" (link again: If you have any questions, ask away in the discord!
- Kamas: 23mk raised by the community.
- Battler Item provided by Ankama
List of participating teams: 
First Time Dofus: sambinha#3193 oryan1#5478 bloodandtearsofmyenemies#5980
Bloodbath: anysolutionf1#9914 Team-Esam#4897 naturrre#5519
Reborn: Migho-#1588 mahonIII#5681 shayan12#9695
Sovngarde: scemino#6672 vittorio1999#3869 regino9#8934
Rfissa gang: Free-games-job#5303 Boire-#3418 njdsfjbfdsajkjnsdaf#6577
Memeteam: roeltjelala#5114 roeltjelalalala#7875 KWISMAS4LIFE#7528
Viperisgae : Silvers-Gehilfe#8692 Gytrash#1822 schaumschuh#9040
Endless: PVPfighter#4686/ Baller1#3669/eca-surep#9050
1tricks: Dasistmeinzweitacc#3826 Lauftreff#2792 Main-Spectator#4429
Army Bob: Master-Man-#2942 Zooropa#9212 NecroGreg#1567
Nomaj: ShiningDarkness#2231 TotalDarkness#1469 Simpsonssram-oO#6038
Viperisgae : Silvers-Gehilfe#8692 Gytrash#1822 schaumschuh#9040
Runner up:
Army Bob: Master-Man-#2942 Zooropa#9212 NecroGreg#1567

The first tournament was a lot of fun and a big succes and we hope to see everyone back for volume 2 in two weeks. 
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First Ankama intervention
Fiora poked me to point out that I had forgotten to get back to you all. I am very sorry, everyone! sad

Which Battler item would each one of the winners want?
See message in context
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Fiora poked me to point out that I had forgotten to get back to you all. I am very sorry, everyone! sad

Which Battler item would each one of the winners want?
Score : 729
Hi Manaia,

that's no problem, I just asked them and they all want the hat. One asked if it could be on an another acc if not it wasn't a big deal but he would still prefer it. I'm talking about Gytrash#1822 --> sepe#2447 (other acc). We will be back this upcoming Wednesday with even more teams most likely, if you have time and want to check it out feel free to check out one of the streamers or stop by biggrin
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Score : 729
Thanks so much for your help. In case you did not know we will do this more often, about 5-6 tournaments. We already did the second one and it was a huge succes. Over 100+ viewers on stream and everyone had a fun time. The winners were also wondering when they get their rewards. Furthermore I would like to suggest to follow us on Twitter so we can keep in contact more easily and share updates.
[Ankama]DOFUS|2021-11-24 18:29:57
The items will be distributed on the participating accounts, I'm afraid. 
I will get it done this evening!
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