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2nd Echo Wednesday Scuffle [Finished]

By Master-Man-#2942 - SUBSCRIBER - November 15, 2021, 12:54:06
The second edition of Echo's Wednesday Scuffle, a new PvP tournament held on Echo with Echo players. It will be organized by Nomaj (ShiningDarkness#2231), Xubatihetwo (Master-Man#2942), Minonji#1674 (Minonji) and Sjenko (Zooropa#9212) Our first tournament was a big succes and a lot of fun so we are gonna do another one.
TLDR What u need to know:
- The 2. Tournament will start on November 24th
- Every other week on Wednesday
- Tournament done in a day - open to everybody
- Multilog allowed
-Sign up via Discord:
Rules: (Subject for change in the coming tournaments, if e.g. a certain comp dominates)
- The Eniripsa class is banned to allow for more variety
- 3v3 tournament
- No duplicate classes
- Everything else is allowed team comp wise
- Class Items banned
- Everything else (Legendary Pets, Items, Prytekts) allowed
- The previous winning classes + builds are banned for more variety: Intelligence ecaflip, strength feca, chance sadida are also banned for this tournament

We wanted to keep the entry barrier as low as possible so everyone can join that actually wants to, so almost all things are allowed. Most fights will also be streamed by the listed streamers below:

wanna rewatch?? broadcast here >

- Registrations are opened 2 Days in advance of each tournament (aka the Monday before) - Registrations are done via the "Registrations chat in the discord" (link again: If you have any questions, ask away in the discord!
- Battler Piece for the winners
- Small sum of kamas raised by the community for the runner-ups
List of participating teams: 
Piet Piraat: zalfee#2265 Master-Man-#2942 Zooropa#9212
Seven: Teign#4963, Enutrofz#9980, aaaB44877#9578
Anonyme : Joaquin-loera#3228 / hvnb#3115 / oXmarxo#4330
Pacman eats communism: Zweiter#2464 oryan1#5478 bloodbath1#9008
Geblitzdingst: Dasistmeinzweitacc#3826 Lauftreff#2792 Hallocity#8941
Dreams cum true: mahonIII#5681 europe22#1777 denniiz#9469
Cool team name: blackliquide3#7789 ShiningDarkness#2231 Simpsonssram-oO#6038
Shadow: Baller1#3669 /eca-surep#9050 / PVPfighter#4686
Aogiri NerfOsamodas#5923 Yop-Spritual#6951 EcaflipSpirituel#6214
Seven: Teign#4963, Enutrofz#9980, aaaB44877#9578
Battler Item provided by ankama
Teign#4963 -> cape
aaaB44877#9578 -> cape
Enutrofz#9980,-> Helmet
Pacman eats communism: Zweiter#2464 oryan1#5478 bloodbath1#9008
they won 10,5mk donated by the community
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The rewards have been distributed!
Congratulations to all winners! biggrin
Score : 729
Hi, I do not want to sound rude but do you have an update on the award distribution for the 3rd tournament for me? The winners have been asking me if I know more since it is already almost two weeks ago. Again, thank you for all you have done for the community the past few months smile
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