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3rd Echo Wednesday Scuffle [Finished]

By Master-Man-#2942 - SUBSCRIBER - November 30, 2021, 12:28:05
The third edition of Echo's Wednesday Scuffle, a new PvP tournament held on Echo with Echo players. It will be organized by Nomaj (ShiningDarkness#2231), Xubatihetwo (Master-Man#2942), Minonji#1674 (Minonji) and Sjenko (Zooropa#9212). After gathering feedback from the community we decided on increasing the bans. Every build + class that won will be banned in the following tournament and we will follow this pattern for the first season so all the overused classes and builds are no longer an option. People will have to think of new and fun builds and classes which creates more variety and that's what we wish to see.
TLDR What u need to know:
- The 3. Tournament will start on December 8th
- Every other week on Wednesday
- Tournament done in a day - open to everybody
- Multilog allowed
-Sign up via Discord:
- The Eniripsa class is banned to allow for more variety
- 3v3 tournament
- No duplicate classes
- Everything else is allowed team comp wise
- Class Items banned
- Everything else (Legendary Pets, Items, Prytekts) allowed
- The previous winning classes + builds are banned for more variety: Cha Sadi/ Int eca/ Str feca/ Int feca/ Cha rogue/ Str/agi osa

Most fights will also be streamed by the listed streamers below:

Wanna watch it back?
(We also had a twitch stream but it is no longer available because twitch automatically removes all the streams after two weeks)

- Registrations are opened 2 Days in advance of each tournament (aka the Monday before) - Registrations are done via the "Registrations chat in the discord" (link again: If you have any questions, ask away in the discord!
- Battler Piece for the winners provided by Ankama
- Small sum of kamas raised by the community for the runner-ups
List of participating teams: 
The pizza team: djfreed#5299 black-dx#3307 blackliquide3#7789
Seven: Teign#4963, Enutrofz#9980, Bootiful#1576
The return of army bob: Master-Man-#2942 Zooropa#9212 NecroGreg#1567
Pacman eats Bootiful: DreMartins#8666 oryan1#5478 Zweiter#2464
Cancer de merde: saeedkhalili22#5000 eca-surep#9050 Baller1#3669
Aogiri KillerSpirituel#6641 KillerSpiritual#6067 NerfOsamodas#5923
New Leaf PowerBom#1537 Simpsonssram-oO#6038 eragggon#4703
Two and a half noobs: TimeArtist#6236 IAAAA#1911 mahonIII#5681
Anonyme : Joaquin-loera#3228 / hvnb#3115 ahaabz#4524
Teign#4963 special request twitter dm
Enutrofz#9980 Shield V2
Bootiful#1576 special request twitter dm
The return of army bob: Master-Man-#2942 Zooropa#9212 NecroGreg#1567

Unfortunately no money was donated so the runner-ups went home empty-handed.

Thank you all for once again joining us for our third installment it was a lot of fun and a huge succes. Keep an eye out on the forums and discord since we will deviate from our regular schedule because of Christmas and a collaboration with Viper for his Winter Cup. We will keep you posted, until next time.

~ Orga team EWS

The 4v4 tournament in collaboration with @Viper got canceled due to the lack of registrations, very unfortunate. We will be back on January fifth next year so make sure to enjoy the Holidays smile
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Hi, any updates on the rewards? been a couple of months now, thanks! 
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Our CM returned to work this week I believe, so hopefully before the weekend, fingers crossed.
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