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4th Echo Wednesday Scuffle [Finished]

By Master-Man-#2942 - SUBSCRIBER - December 28, 2021, 14:17:37
Welcome back to the fourth edition of EWS. We took a small break for Christmas but we are back now, we hope everyone had a wonderful time with their families and enjoyed this special time of the year. That being said, the fourth tournament will start on 5/1/2022 our first tournament in the new year and the penultimate tournament of our first season. Unfortunately we were not able to play our 4v4 tournament due to lack of players so we hope we can get enough teams in this time. Please join our discord to to see a more detailed list of the rules. I will also organize this tournament myself, unfortunately the other organizers are unavailable to help out due to personal reasons. 
TLDR What u need to know:
- The 4. Tournament will start on January 5th
- Every other week on Wednesday
- Tournament done in a day - open to everybody
- Multilog allowed
-Sign up via Discord:
- The Eniripsa class is banned to allow for more variety
- 3v3 tournament
- No duplicate classes
- Everything else is allowed team comp wise
- Class Items banned
- Everything else (Legendary Pets, Items, Prytekts) allowed
- The previous winning classes + builds are banned for more variety - list below

banned classes + builds
- Eniripsa: of course every type of Eniripsa is banned as we want to prevent eni abuse and see more variety 
- Ecaflip: Strength (also includes str/pb) and Intelligence
- Feca: Strength and intelligence
- Sadida: Water
- Sacrier: Agility
- Rogue: Water
- Osamodas: Strength/Agility hyrbid, Intelligence and omni osa (omni osa got banned via community poll because of the new set and its similarity to strength/agility osa

Most fights will also be streamed by the listed streamers below:

Wanna watch it back?

- Registrations are opened 3 Days in advance of each tournament (aka the Monday before) - Registrations are done via the "Registrations chat in the discord" (link again: If you have any questions, ask away in the discord!
- Battler Piece for the winners provided by Ankama
- Small sum of kamas raised by the community for the runner-ups
List of participating teams: 
Hide your Spices: Zooropa#9212 Mighty-Kill#5885 Droopsters#6398
The pizza team: djfreed#5299 BL4cK1ll3r#5424 blackliquide3#7789
Kartoffel: KillerDean#1780 Dasistmeinzweitacc#3826 eragggon#4703
Endless | Emilisangel#7287 / Alref#3651 / S-W-L#3021 
Nihil: KhelilBeidoun#9813 / DonTheo#5677 / Etacirus#9947
Seven: Teign#4963, Enutrofz#9980, caestrocra#9227
Cereal with no milk: oryan1#5478 @ bloodfordays#9685 Zweiter#2464
France Fanboys| eca-surep#9050/Mos-Panda#3769/Baller1#3669
Wesh: Lauftreff#2792 / Enijan#9418 / Main-Spectator#4429 
Back to pvm: Epic-Gsv#6563 sepe#2447 NecroGreg#1567
Kartoffel: KillerDean#1780 Dasistmeinzweitacc#3826 eragggon#4703
Seven: Teign#4963, Enutrofz#9980, caestrocra#9227


Rewards for the winners:
KillerDean#1780 (had specific question abt new battler items, does not want any of the 'old ones' since he has full set. Sent a twitter dm to Manaia abt the situation.
Dasistmeinzweitacc#3826 Hat
eragggon#4703 Shield V2
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