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5th and Final Echo Wednesday Scuffle [Finished]

By Master-Man-#2942 - SUBSCRIBER - January 09, 2022, 15:26:57
Hello all and welcome to the final Echo Wednesday Scuffle on this season organized by Nomaj (ShiningDarkness#2231), Xubatihetwo (Master-Man#2942), Minonji#1674 (Minonji) and Sjenko (Zooropa#9212). Due to some people trying to find loopholes in the banning system we have decided to alter the rules a little bit. We will test this system this tournament if and everyone likes it we may consider keeping it. This time certain spells on certain classes have been banned in order to prevent people from putting let's say 200 points in agility and calling it a different build. You can find the rules below and in our discord server (

Another thing you may notice is that the tournament well be held on 12/1/2022, we have asked our participants about their opinion and decided to move the tournament because of its close proximity to Zeste and the next KTA season. As mentioned before this will also be the final tournament of this season, we do not know yet when season 2 will start, probably when KTA has another big break. We might do some tournaments here and there during the small KTA breaks if people want, we will see and try to communicate with everyone in our discord server.

TLDR What u need to know:
- The final Tournament will start on January 12th
- Tournament done in a day - open to everybody
- Multilog allowed
-Sign up via Discord:

- The Eniripsa class is banned to allow for more variety
- 3v3 tournament
- No duplicate classes
- Everything else is allowed team comp wise
- Class Items banned
- Everything else (Legendary Pets, Items, Prytekts) allowed
- The previous winning classes + builds are banned for more variety - list below

List below banned classes + builds
- Eniripsa - banned as a whole
- Ecaflip: meowch & yowling + tails or Heads & misadventure
- Sadida: Bane + voodoo
- Feca: tetany, torpor, blinding glyph, lifelesness, Natural Attack & Lethargy
- Sacrier: carnage, desolation + fury
- Osamodas: int osa Banned, all dual, multi & omni builds banned
- Rogue: deception + shrapnel banned
- Xelor: Petri banned + slow down banned
- Steamer: ambush banned

The mist spell on sram is also banned because of the bug!!!

Osa was a bit difficult to manage since it mainly plays around its summons and it needs its spells to summon them. We also cannot ban certain summons as osas will always play around with all of their summons for movement or to deny a turn. Therefore we decided to ban the damaging element for osas.

Most fights will also be streamed by the listed streamers below:
Wanna watch it back?

- Registrations are opened 3 Days in advance of each tournament (aka the Monday before) - Registrations are done via the "Registrations chat in the discord" (link again: If you have any questions, ask away in the discord!
- Battler Piece for the winners provided by Ankama
- Small sum of kamas raised by the community for the runner-ups

Participating teams:
I suck pls go easy on me: Notahupper#5923, Droopsters#6398, Zooropa#9212
me, myself & i: zalfee#2265, jessie-rogers#6071 Biblicaldckhead#6751
Pingi123: Regino9#8934, BL4cK1ll3r#5424, blackliquide3#7789
Endless: mahonIII#5681 // Emilisangel#7287 // TimeArtist#6236
France Fanboys: ourideas#9251, Baller1#3669, eca-surep#9050
Kartoffel: Dasistmeinzweitacc#3826, KillerDean#1780, ShiningDarkness#2231
La Chancla: Master-Man-#2942 Krantenjongen#4545 Chaest14#9467
Semper: Enutrofz#9980 & Teign#4963 & Bootiful#1576
only me dw: ceastro#8999 plsstopme#5670 ceastrooooo#1527

Winning team:
La Chancla: Master-Man-#2942 Krantenjongen#4545 Chaest14#9467

Runner up:
France Fanboys: ourideas#9251, Baller1#3669, eca-surep#9050

Final message shared in discord to end season one:@everyone Thanks for playing the last EWS for a while. It was a good tournament and I hope you all had fun! GGs to @Sidekick / Solomonk @Hooper-dooper and @Cuba for winning and thanks @! [ TIME ] ☩ for streaming. Thanks for the feedback and donations that you guys all shared, we'll see what and when the next season of EWS is! Also huge thank you to @Grougal (he isn't in the discord) for making the EWS Logo!

Rewards for the winners:
Krantenjongen#4545: Shield V2
Chaest14#9467: Shield V2
Master-Man-#2942: Shield V2
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fairly obvious you're trying to rig it to take the win yourself.
can't beat em? ban em
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That sounds rather uninformed. I highly advise you to join the discord. If you had done that you would have seen that all rules were made by another organizer in collaboration with the community. Please do your due diligence before you post an ignorant comment.
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Rewards for the winners:
Krantenjongen#4545: Hat V2
Chaest14#9467: Shield V2
Master-Man-#2942: Shield V2
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