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End of amateur tournaments

By takitosacs#1064 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 25, 2022, 13:11:30
Sad to know that ankama didn't really go back on the decision to suspend awards in amateur tournaments.
As much as she says she encourages amateur tournaments even without the rewards, I can't see motivations in players (from any server) to play an amateur tournament playing literally for nothing. Nobody is motivated not only to organize, but mainly to play tournaments without that little motivation.

Why not assign/elect a trusted/certified organizer per server to limit the number of malicious tournaments and attempts, establish fixed tournament formulas to facilitate coaching and rewards accreditation? or do kta per server with a good structure or even more and start merging the servers that are clearly more active to have real teams on the servers that can finally be more attentive to the community.. .. clearly there is no shortage of solutions.

all those who don't particularly like pvp nor will bother to try, there is a world between amateur tournaments on the official server and kta, just for the availability of all players and to find them partners who will also have these availabilities to compose a team, not forgetting that a level is maintained and kta is not present all year.

we no longer have goulta and now you want to remove amateur tournaments from our respective servers, pvp on official servers is in total loss of identity, it's maddening!
we'll be left with crappy koli and a broken AvA system based on numbers rather than quality.

what will all our opti accumulated over time be used for? are we going to put repou, left PA/PM for pvm? or for koli in bad matches without balance each season? (to get a fake ornament and during that time you see 199 flex at the top of the ranking ((when it doesn't bug)) because even that you don't get which proves that the koli structure is not able to correctly represent pvp).

this sanction has nothing constructive, it's improving the concept you have to not destroy, you run away when you're lucky to have a motivated community (just see what they did for their wakfu series), I think

I understand the background but the form and conclusion are bad, it is very drastic mainly because these rewards are released exclusively for amateur tournaments, kta already has its reward system with ecutheas.

so if it's really the problem of the mafia tournament, just check it better, to allocate them in kta that won't change much with the problem, it's even worse; the bronze league will be the most corrupt in the game, it will be much easier to sign up and pass the accounts to someone else to play the matches and cash the rewards again, it will be even less identifiable.

you don't realize how many players still take to log in just to participate in this type of event, you will not only kill an economy and time spent on pvp stuff, but you will also quench the ambition of many players who will have no other choice but to sell everything and go out in another game or for some to start for free to play on the kta server so i understand that you wanted more people for your kta but at what price? it's a bit of spitting in the face of your community, a community that in my opinion makes its game live with its means, without which kta wouldn't even be there.

the worst of all this is that most of the great kta teams, it was in amateur tournaments that formed or even met and worked together for a common goal that is the reward, a memory, a trace of that passage

. hoping you have the perspective you need to understand that this decision is ridiculous, it makes no sense when you know you can improve the system in so many different ways instead of destroying the investment, desire and ambition of many players.
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I'll be hosting a 3v3 Tournament on Echo soon, do not worry. If people want to participate they just register, if they don't, it is what it is.
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